A Dream of Prince Harry and England   7 comments


Prince William and Prince Harry

This is an excerpt from a dream by Julie Meyer.  I first read this on the blog Richard’s Watch:

“I have not forgotten you, England. I have not forgotten you. There is a young royal who has made headlines from nation to nation. But I will take his wildness and turn it for good. I will encounter him who is red and ruddy, the second-born of his father. He will walk alongside his brother as a prophetic voice, like Nathan the Prophet walked alongside King David. Yet I will also thrust him forth in his own calling. He will walk in a dual-calling as prophet to the King and as a voice to a generation. I have chosen the second-born, just like I chose Jacob the 2nd born— though you call him Harry, I call him Jacob, and he will lead a great Jacob generation.

“The one who will be king will be shown to have a heart like David. Together, the one like King David and the one like Jacob will lead a cry for righteousness in the land. This wave of righteousness will be as a tidal wave, reaching even Australia— and when England reaches out its hands to Australia, they will accept the invitation.”

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7 responses to “A Dream of Prince Harry and England

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  1. Thanks for quoting the re-publication of Julie’s post, Tim. It’s one of a series on the royal family that UK Prophetic Words is aware of. Suzanne Payne, its editor, asked for Julie’s permission to circulate, which she very gladly gave. (I’ve commented on her Fb that I’ve done so too)

    • Richard: I hope this dream comes true. Maybe it is prophetic that an English prince married an American lady. Maybe this means that the spiritual bond between England and America will grow stronger in the future. If England and the United States has strong, Christian leadership, this would definitely benefit the whole world.

  2. hmmmm and yet we have some saying that William is going to be an antichrist figure

    • I don’t know if William’s parents or grandparents were Christians or non-Christians. If the Lord gets a hold of someone, if they abide in Christ, they are a new creation (maybe William and Harry are Christians).

      The rise of England on the world stage was no accident. The Lord can still use England for His purposes in the earth. I just hope Great Britain gets out of the EU and stays out. Great Britain is a sovereign nation before the Lord. The EU is totally Satanic. The same demons that ran the Nazis and Nazi Europe run the EU.

      • those demons are the ones controlling and deceiving the Illuminati bloodlines (13 families) into believing that Heylel ben Shachar (Satan) is the good guy who gives knowledge to mankind, so that the elect initiated ones aspire to godhood. Tim once you’ve done the research (I have) on the present matrix almost everyone in the world is enslaved in by the creation of their LEGAL PERSON / CORPORATE ENTITY via the issuance of the Birth Certificate (which is the birth of that corporate entity not YOUR B.C.) which then subjugates you to the UCC and the world or commercial codes, statutes, and jurisdiction until you learn how to NOT be, then you find out that the CROWN is a corporation that owns pretty much all other corporations but especially all central bnaks, the IMF, World Bank, BIS, etc, and consequently owns most (all but 2) nations, including ther US,, UK, NZ, AU, Canada, etc. Of course the majority owners of the CROWN are the Rothschild clan, and don’t forget all lawyers are licensed via the Inns of the Court in the City of London, (not London UK) Temple Bar.

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