Christopher McDonald and Prophetess Amanda Grace   1 comment


Christopher McDonald and Prophetess Amanda Grace

The Smoky Mountain Journal
Josephus on John the Baptist
A Prophetess from Minnesota

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  1. Now that God has completed His desire to bring the American people to their knees by doing what He did with Pharough. He hardened pharoughs heart to get the result he wanted, the Egyptians to give their wealth to his people and while Pharough having Lost his firstborn was neutral, the people told them to go. He and his army were destroyed when God destroyed them all by returning the water and drowning them Every life circumstance has a purpose. Wisdom in Donald Trump will bring peace now.
    He has been Satan’s agent. Now he must turn to the Lord. All Americans who didn’t oppose Donald Trump the liar were with him in effect, even Sid Roth. The people of America owe the world an apology for their lack of discernment.
    For Amanda Grace…………. Chris had the hammer the other day. He wants to be your man. Ephesians 5:21-33 came in my daily readings today. I might be able to offer him the opportunity to renevate an old house. Will let you know. Your prophetic word is essential today. The truth always is with you. I have to publish the truth and am getting provision to do so. David Cantlay.

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