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Nuremberg Trials, 1946


This is from the blog Richard’s Watch:

Thank you to Jane B for alerting me to this posted early afternoon UK time on Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow’s Facebook :

“I just this morning [10 February 2021] was contacted by a trusted friend in Europe telling me the news that a fire had broken out in the Nuremberg, Germany power plant that was to shut down the plant for a couple of weeks. It is freezing and snow-covered there and so it will be difficult and dark for the people. We are sorry for them but the message is unmistakable. It was my friend’s own prophetic decode that this was a warning even to those behind the sham impeachment [against President Trump] going on in DC, with a big reminder for them of the Nuremberg Trials that followed the fall of Nazi Germany. As you may know, I have prophesied that these type of trials are forthcoming. God will not be mocked. Justice at a visible level is coming.”

This exceptional message dated 7 December 2020 reads:

Nuremberg Trials

“The public justice phase of God’s clean-up is going to be shocking and quite beyond what most can imagine. Justice comes on the back end of Truth. Exposure demands a consequence. What is coming will bring to mind the Nuremberg Trials that ran between 1945-1949. Nazi war criminals were tried in public international courts that were controversial but necessary. They were overseen by a US Supreme Court Justice but included judges from several countries. The trials skipped normative justice “due process” and were followed by immediate executions of well known public figures. Herman Goering who was Hitler’s essential successor was sentenced to hang and committed suicide the night before. There were many suicides to avoid executions.

“Of interest today, doctors accused of medical experiments were executed. I say that, as a phase of justice is coming for those who have been part of a synchronized health fraud perpetuated on the nations of the world that has destroyed world economies and caused death by many indirect means. Social media owners, directors and enforcers will face severe consequences that extend far beyond mere financial ruin.

“God’s roaring justice is going to have a visible appearance and will use human institutions and individuals. I saw Him anointing specific individuals with an oil of justice that made them as resolute as you can possibly imagine. Sidney Powell has been anointed with such an oil but there is much more coming. Some who even right now are teetering on whether they want to risk being a part of this justice reveal are this very week going to have that oil poured on them and suddenly their backbone is going to snap into place and they will be part of God’s infrastructure of justice on earth.

“This reveal (sic) of public justice is going to change the world as we know it because all will be watching. Thousands will flee positions of power. Thousands will accept amnesty opportunities that will be forthcoming. Thousands will repent. This justice thing God will assist in facilitating will be above our own Supreme Court and there are those on the Supreme Court that will face consequences for their own high-level treachery. The fear of the Lord will suddenly be back in the moral fiber of society as long-suppressed justice comes rolling in like a flood. Like a flood there will be no hole where it is safe to hide as the justice will press through every crack and every crevice. Your assignment as the Body of Christ is to agree with this reveal of justice and to praise and worship God as it comes in. This is now next in God’s plan and it is a plan you can trust. He absolutely will not be quenched by the refuge of lies and He will publicly wash them away in His incoming flood of justice.”

Johnny discussed this in depth with Steve Shulz a few days later. Watch him on Elijah Streams’ video beginning at 6:00 mins here >  https://youtu.be/ff6UH10-H7s


Nuremberg Trials

Mark Taylor – Obama Will Be Imprisoned for Treason

Mark Taylor – Military Tribunals Coming for the Wicked

Has Trump surrendered or conceived the most brilliant trap against the New World Order?

[I believe that John McCain and George H.W. Bush were tried in a military court and executed for treason.]

John Roberts and Mike Pence: Treasonous Trump Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

Former Prime Minister of France, Pierre Laval, executed for treason

Mark Taylor says that John McCain was Executed

When John McCain was put to death

George H.W. Bush


Cesare Sacchetti – Fake Pandemic

5 May 2021

“If you look at the images of Wuhan in these days, you will see how China fooled the world. People are wearing no masks. There’s no social distancing. No green pass and no vaccination required. In January 2020, the media showed us the images of the Chinese lockdowns. It was a terrorist propaganda show. China played a part to start the fake pandemic. Now China is waiting for the Western world to commit suicide by taking lethal vaccines and collapsing its economy with lockdowns. China is now ready to buy the Western world at cheap prices.”

–Cesare Sacchetti

The above quote was taken from two posts from Cesare Sacchetti’s Twitter page. Within 24 hours they were taken down. His account has been suspended.


Leigh Dundas Speech – California Health and Freedom 2021

The New Nuremberg Trials 2021

ENGLAND – Anna De Buisseret – There Will Be A Second Nuremberg Trial

Devout Pagans, Satanists & Traitors – Dr. Zev Zelenko

Man Wrote His Own Obituary: “Don’t Get Vaccinated Unless You’re Ready to Suffer and Die”

Italy – Judge Demands Elites Face New Round of Nuremberg Trials

The Hague: International Trials – Day One – Crimes Against Humanity

Covid-19 Bereaved Families For Justice

*We’re Coming For Them: “They will not be able to hide from the courts”

22 responses to “A Sign in Nuremberg

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  1. You bet. Justice is indeed coming upon these wicked reprobates. It may indeed come as described here. But it might also come another way by God himself. God may use man or just do it directly. Either way justice will be coming. The wicked and those that latched unto the wicked to preserve their jobs etc are the tares bundling up now by the things they are doing. Once the tares bundled and destroyed, the wheat will be harvested. That’s what the Good Book says. Amen.

  2. I’ve read your post and am wondering what the basis is for your thoughts? Is it a belief in the justice of God?

  3. What retributive action did God mete out to the Soviets? I believe God is always just but I lack the courage to proclaim that he will do it swiftly. How have you come about that view?

    • The Soviet Union was destroyed from within–it collapsed. The Lord can do a Sodom & Gomorrah or else He can give an individual or a nation over to a reprobate mind and the wicked destroy the wicked.

      • I just want to make it clear that I did not say anything about God’s justice being done swiftly. Sometimes the Lord’s justice will happen over many years.

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  5. There were many Nazis that got away. Many more who were helped through Nazi ratlines. (Via Vatican) Many more (Doctors, scientists, even Hitler himself) who were secretly taken and shuffled to undisclosed places all over the world. (Operation Paperclip)

    In my opinion, the Nuremberg trials were an utter failure. Why? Because the 3rd Reich only received a head wound and people thought it was destroyed. On the contrary– the 4th Reich is here (and has been here) and networking throughout the entire world, including all offices of governments, religious institutions and healthcare. Hidden in plain sight in front of our faces all of these years. The 3rd Reich never died. It only got stronger. It had much help. I call it the 4th Reich new and very improved.

    THIS is beast of revelation. 666.

    These are all precursors to the Antichrist’s arrival. Scriptures are playing out. There will be no more failed Nuremberg trials again. This is the avenue in which the people will be forced to take the chip in their hand.

    These experimental shots are only Nazi Experiments. The nanoparticles and DNA modifying Gene therapy are all precursors to the RFID being inserted after the destruction. Many are dying from this now, but it is being suppressed. More deaths coming as fall comes around. It is what they call “The culling of the herd.” Depopulation began a long while ago. Euthanasia inside hospitals worldwide. The Nazis are at the helm at this time

    The people are waking up and they know it. This is why they are going to manipulate earth catastrophes. It fits their agenda. The scriptures say it all. It’s gonna be such a Texas hot mess . . .they will say that they do not know who is who and that’s how they are going to sell it.

    Scriptures tell the real story. The next things to arrive is the destruction by the 10 Kings in the book of Revelation. There will be utter devastation (manipulative & purposeful) throughout the world. Yes. Even the USA (Babylon) will fall. The scriptures speak the truth.

    Millions will perish by catastrophic events. This is what the scriptures speak of. These are the people who say, ” Peace and safety . . .then sudden destruction.” When the destruction arrives…it brings worldly monetary collapse. (Black horse ) All 4 horseman will ride after the destruction and the world is plunged into darkness.

    Whoever wrote this does not have true understanding of the huge failures of the Nuremberg trials. Personally speaking…I do. So many got away!

    I trust Abba and the Heavenly families word on this subject instead of hopium in another failed Nuremberg trial.

    I am not a Debbie Downer but trying to allow people the understanding of what Yeshua has alone showed me throughout the past 12+ years. We must be not afraid to die and do the will of God in the Harvest. The 6th seal is the beginning of Tribulation. We will all know when this happens. The world will literally and spiritually go dark.

    God told me to “Warn the people! Warn the people!” Of these catastrophic events in a vision on October 22, 2013. I have been mostly mocked and ignored. Even the church people. Especially the fake prophets who do not have the Gift of Prophecy and utterly lie. I can do no more to warn.

    Prepare spiritually and be willing to be a labor in the Harvest (destruction) to bring the Good News of the Gospel. God always protected His people. Trust in Him no matter how bad the destruction and wait for heavenly families instruction, guidance and the Light. It will be like the birth of Christ repeating itself but with a twist. 🔥

    “We were born for such a time as this! ”
    Exciting times!!

    • Joy: Thank you for your comment. I was watching this program on the Discovery Channel three or four years ago. It was about these guys who found evidence that Adolf Hitler escaped Germany after World War II and lived in Argentina and then Venezuela for a while.

      I believe a lot of Nazis escaped Germany and justice–at least, man’s justice. But the Lord has the final say on justice in the end. The Lord, of course, is the master chess player: the Lord is always moving around chess pieces (good & evil) at His pleasure for the maximum effect on the harvest of souls worldwide and also on the exposure and judgment of the wicked worldwide. We need to have patience and faith in His timing. I like what Fr. Chad Ripperger said. He said that we are all slaves of Christ: the believers know that they are slaves of Christ, but unbelievers don’t know that they are slaves of Christ. We always wonder why the Lord allows the wicked to prosper and get away with murder. But the Lord sees everything; there is always a Divine Purpose in all of this.

      Psalm 92:7: “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever.”

      • Amen Tim! Amen Tim! The waiting has been “daunting” and difficult. God’s appointed time.
        Tick Tock God’s ⏰
        The vision will come. Wait on it …and I do.
        God bless you and keep you safe!

        J Hemlock Greenwood
  6. What can one say? Every person writing here I consider a child of God and a good person. All have some good things to say. But I see some error as many don’t know the whole story. Have they spent 100 plus hours reading peer reviewed medical data and documents and patents from drug companies? The most dangerous thing today is a prefix of PRE. PRE will cost many their salvation as they will have time of events wacked out. Pre trib or precursor is a huge danger. Few want to accept that jab one is the mark of the beast as so many loved ones have took it. It is the mark. Here is it in simple terms; while back barcodes and reader/scanners were introduced. Its one system, the product/animal/person and the technology side. Two parts. It together is mark of beast system. There was a short space where most products were barcoded but small shops did not yet have readers. The tech side lagged behind the item side for a short space until both fully interfaced. Today, you take the mark (jab) before the tech side is turned on and wont be long from now. More jabs only increase injury and death and should one live, when tech side fully turned on, those alive will be brain controlled robots and will love antichrist as told to. But jab one is hell bound period. Sorry. Reality sucks but is still reality. What part of DNA change does one not get? DNA is your name in book of life. When Cain slew Abel, Abel’s blood, his DNA name identity cried out to God. Once jabbed God no longer knows you. Its much much later than most think. People think it is late but its even later. No space nor time to present 100 + hours of data here but this is very brief summary.

    • Must add this; once the system turned on it will be possible to scan any part of ones body; toes, elbow, knee, neck etc. But there is always a uniform standard for easiest flow of people so it will be by scan of hand or forehead. Thats why temp guns to head instead of wrist. In end will be above door scanner or hand scanner, whichever processes people fastest at any venue. Its a standard as other body parts would work but standards always preferred. Get out of them doctrine boxes and think.

    • Excellent info. God bless you.

      • I am a whistleblower since May 6, 2009 against the O admin and a very specific Nazi who was not at the Nuremberg trial. (Though he should have been) He had help hiding from many countries including top echelon of USA, Israel, Rome, and Germany…etc. By the grace of God I am still alive and warning all people. I don’t have to read the medical paperwork (yes you are correct about the jab making a person non human.)
        Some people have knowledge from a Nazi himself of what has been going on throughout the world and what their plan is. Some people truly do have the Gift of Prophecy and are taught by Jesus alone too. 😍

        This regime has taken over and infiltrated the entire world and in every aspect of businesses, judges, courts and medical facilities. It’s actually overwhelming to watch them speed it up.

        It is the 4th Reich. Alive and getting ready to pounce. God is victorious in the end. That I know. 👍

        Yes. The 5G+ is going to kick off an apocalyptic response. The people, especially the Christians are so fearful of dying that they don’t realize that they submitted to the darkness already. All a precursor to the actual RFID chip.

        I do believe that the followers of Christ are accursed because God says do not fear how many times? They fear the devil instead of fearing God. Rut Roe.

        “Those who try to save their lives will lose their lives. Those who lose their lives for the sake of Jesus will save their lives.”

        There are many (Christians) who have taken the shots and have become really repentant towards God. Afterwards. God is merciful. He can change back another’s physiological DNA if he chooses to. He is the design maker and Creator of his children! Those that are not repentant though will stay accursed and perish.

        This goes so far beyond just the medical takeover. The entire world is being taken over. No such thing as a pretribulation rapture anyway. It’s Hollywood folly. The 6th seal being opened will kick off the countdown.

        God’s prophecy is being fulfilled and it’s awesome! I am looking for the two witnesses to arrive soon!

        There will be a remnant left but the time is getting ripe. We KNOW the season.

        God bless You and protect you too, Saint.

        J Hemlock Greenwood
      • Great information, Joy.

        I know that I have the Presence of God. The Presence of God is my strength and my high tower. When the Lord wants to reveal something to me, He will reveal it to me in His time.

        “A man with God is the majority.”
        –Last words of John Knox

      • EXACTLY! The blogger page you are on is the 2nd part of my Testimony of Christ. The 1st part over a decade ago is amazing too. When I had the Purim vision I was astounded! It was not a dream it was a vision.. This is how I know God and how it all began. I was not a church goer nor did I know scriptures. Amazing and in awe now.

        Those who know when God speaks…know what they know. 😂 They need no confirmation. Right on 👍
        🔥💕 🔥

  7. Here are a couple of comments from the chat section of the video about the Canadian Trucker Convoy 2022:

    “Pfizer was founded in Nazi Germany, it used to be called Boehinger Inglehem, the CEO Franz Fischer was jailed for 20 years for testing injections on inmates in concentration camps.”

    “Pfizer is partnered with Bayer and Monsanto, was founded in Nazi Germany, and has roots in illegal human testing. Pfizer was part of the Nuremberg Trials.”

    • Quick statement on Gods justice. It does come. At times it seems very slow. But God goes by the big picture we mortals may not see.
      One example is the hebrews were slaves for 400 years in egypt. They were promised rescue yet many generations expired prior to rescue. Rescue didnt help them. Was God cruel? No. The big picture was the hebrew population needed to become large enough for the exodus misson.
      Paul wrote a few pages of his plan to go to spain after rome to preach the gospel to 3rd largest jewish center there. Wouldnt God want that instead of paul getting killed? No. Those jews were reserved by God to populate modern israel or 40% of israel today.
      God knows all but has the big picture to fulfill whether we understand or not.
      Justice will be done in time and by what ever manner and by or through whom He chooses.

      • Amen. God’s justice is always perfect and God’s timing is always perfect. But sometimes God’s justice comes over many years. If we think justice is being delayed, then it is because the Lord wants to expose the wicked to the world and give the wicked a chance to repent of their sins.

        About the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. If the Lord raised up Moses after 50 to 100 years of slavery, there might have been only a few hundred thousand Hebrews. When they went into Canaan, the Lord (through Joshua) killed off the devil-worshipping Canaanites that had defiled the land. If there were only a few hundred thousand Hebrews, then the Promised Land would only be sparsely populated. The Lord raised up Moses after 400 years of slavery maybe because now the Hebrew slaves numbered around 2 million men plus women and children. With over 2 million people, they would be in a better position to conquer the land and establish themselves as a nation.

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