God’s Warning to Pelosi and the Pope   4 comments

This is from the blog Richard’s Watch:

God’s Warning to Pelosi and the Pope

Psalm 37:28: “For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.”

Pentagon Building New Secret Courtroom at Guantanamo Bay

Mad Max and Pelosi – Deep State Clowns

‘Very weird’ and ‘strange detail’ about attack on Paul Pelosi

Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump Proved to Be Right about Pelosi Politics

4 responses to “God’s Warning to Pelosi and the Pope

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  1. Pelosi will die soon, I think

    • I believe that the Lord will humiliate Nancy Pelosi so badly–for the whole world to see–that she will wish she were dead.

      • I agree. About 5 mos ago, I had a dream about Pelosi. I was looking down in a puddle with muck and mire and there she was.
        She is coming into MUCH humiliation.

      • Pauli: Look at your dream: “muck and mire”. Now look at the etymology for the word humiliation:

        humiliation (n.)
        “act of humiliating or humbling, abasement, mortification,” late 14c., from Old French humiliacion (14c.) or directly from Late Latin humiliationem (nominative humiliatio) “a humbling, humiliation,” noun of action from past-participle stem of humiliare “to humble,” from humilis “humble” (see humble (adj.)).

        humble (adj.)
        late 13c., of persons, “submissive, respectful, lowly in manner, modest, not self-asserting, obedient,” from Old French humble, umble, earlier umele, from Latin humilis “lowly, humble,” literally “on the ground,” from humus “earth,” from PIE root *dhghem- “earth.” From late 14c., of things, “lowly in kind, state, condition, or amount,” also “of low birth or rank.” Related: Humbly.

        humiliate (v.)
        “to cause to be or appear lower or more humble; depress, especially to abase in estimation; subject to shame or disgrace; mortify,” 1530s, a back-formation from humiliation or else from Late Latin humiliatus, past participle of humiliare “to humble,” from humilis “lowly, humble,” literally “on the ground,” from humus “earth” (from PIE root *dhghem- “earth”). Earlier was humily “humble oneself” (mid-15c.), from Old French humilier. Related: Humiliated.

        –Online Etymology Dictionary

        The English word humiliation comes from the Latin word humus (earth, soil, ground).

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