A Warning Dream   5 comments

This is from the blog My Dreams and Visions:

I had a dream last night, July 27, 2022, where I saw a lamp on the altar inside of a church building. The lamp on the altar brought light to the whole building. Then I saw the lamp leave the altar of its own accord and move slowly towards the door in the back of the church. When it finally went through the door, the church was in total darkness. It was a darkness full of fear and one that could be felt. Then I heard the following.

Woe, Woe, Woe to those who shut me out and quench the fire of my Spirit.

I did see people leaving the darkness and follow the lamp.

5 responses to “A Warning Dream

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  1. The Father Son Holy Ghost caught the last train to the coast.

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  3. Its really amazing to me that most churches now dont even WANT the presence of God at all.
    Ive seen this dream as a reality for 30 years

    • So many churches don’t want the Presence of God because their sin would be exposed. If there is no Presence of God in a person’s life or in a church’s congregation, that means that there really is no fear of God. Fear of God is a holy reverence for God. Too many Christians are conformed to the world.

      “Prayer ought to be humble, fervent, resigned, persevering, and accompanied with great reverence. One should consider that he stands in the presence of a God, and speaks with a Lord before whom the angels tremble from awe and fear.”

      –St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

      • Absolutely I agree.
        I cant stand going to church anymore. People decide WHEN they want the Lord there.
        Its lousy 😦

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