White Hats in Control – BBC Showed MAGA Crowd instead of Sports Clip

This video is from Derek Johnson’s Telegram – RattleTrap 1776. “47 US Code 606 applies everywhere when 45 is a Wartime President” –Derek Johnson. President Trump and the U.S. Military are in control.

The lady in the video (Jane Hill) hosting the BBC News program says this: “That is absolutely not the sort of story we don’t want to be bringing you on a very big sporting weekend . . .” The sentence has a double negative: “not” and “don’t”. “Not” and “don’t” cancel each other out. What she is actually saying: “That is absolutely the sort of story we want to be bringing you on a very big sporting weekend . . .” Looks like the Lord put the words in her mouth and she didn’t even know it. Reminds me of this scripture:

II Peter 2:16: “But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prophet.”

“Joe Biden” is wearing a mask

Make America Great Again on BBC

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  1. During World War II, before D Day, the BBC sent coded messages to the French Resistance. Now the BBC sends messages to the Patriots and the BBC doesn’t even know how they did it. It is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!


    “Blessent mon coeur / D’une langueur / Monotone.”

    Arthur Symons translation: “My heart is drowned / In the slow sound / Languorous and long.”

    this was the message sent to the French Resistance by the BBC on 5 June 1944; it signaled the beginning of sabotage efforts preceding the D-Day Invasion; from a poem by Paul Verlaine (1844-1896)

  2. Good news

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