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Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
7 March 2008

A little over a week ago, I was walking south of Rock Springs, Wyoming on U.S. 191 when this vehicle pulled over. This guy was Pastor Rich Carlson and we had some pretty intense fellowship for the fourteen miles of a ride he gave me. Pastor Carlson prayed for me and gave me a little money for the road.

I walked for three or four miles and this truck driver picked me up. I got in the cab of the tractor-trailer and he looked at me and said something like, “Aren’t you done hitchhiking all over the place and spreading the Word?” I recognized him right away; he had picked me up over a year ago on the same stretch of road. He later told me that he was a pagan. We didn’t talk about much. Later, just before he dropped me off, we talked a little about Dostoyevsky, and things Russian; he told me how to properly pronounce “Dostoyevsky” and “Karamazov”—at least, how the Russians pronounce it.

He dropped me off in Vernal, Utah where I slept in the post office that night. It got down to maybe ten degrees that night, so it was nice to sleep in a warm place for the night. Somebody phoned the police that I was sleeping in the post office because I was woke up around eleven that night by a couple of police officers. They checked my ID and let me sleep in the post office that night. I told them that I would leave as soon as possible the next morning.

I then hitchhiked from Vernal and made it to Helper, Utah where I stayed at a shelter for three nights. From Helper, I made it to Mexican Hat, Utah where I slept in a junked pickup camper for the night. The next day, I got good rides through Kayenta and Tuba City to Flagstaff, Arizona where a guy named Tim picked me up.

He was driving one of those big motor homes from Iowa to southern California. Tim said that the motor home he was driving was worth $270,000.00. He told me that he was in a car crash up in Iowa that involved the car he was riding in and two tractor-trailers. He said that this tractor-trailer ahead of him on the interstate had jack-knifed and the guy driving their car lost control and the car began spinning around and this tractor-trailer came up from behind them and it looked like they were going to be crushed. If I remember right, Tim said that this powerful force threw their car into the ditch. Tim said that his mind still had not accepted the fact that he was still alive. He thought for sure that they were going to be crushed to death by the two tractor-trailers. I told him that the Lord preserved him in that crash because He had plans for him. We stopped to eat near Kingman, Arizona. Tim dropped me off just outside of Barstow, California where I slept in my tent just off Highway 58.

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Meeting a Former Editor from Warner Brothers   Leave a comment

This story is a conversation between a hitchhiker and a former editor from Warner Brothers. The editor did some work on the film High Plains Drifter.

It was probably the spring of 1997. I hitchhiked north on U.S. 395 from southern California and got dropped off in Bishop. Bishop is a very beautiful place.

The mountains to the east were dry and brown, the mountains to the west (Sierra Nevadas) were rugged and snow-covered. There are a lot of irrigated ranches in that valley. I walked through Bishop for a couple of miles and then stopped north of town on U.S. 395. I waited for a short while and this vehicle pulled over to pick me up.

The guy who gave me a ride was probably in his late fifties or early sixties. He told me that he was coming from a ranch that he owned in Mexico; he was heading to Mammoth Lakes where he owned a grocery store. I told him that I was hitchhiking around the country for a short while; I had just quit my job at Harold Pike Construction Company in Ames, Iowa (Pike Construction hired me ten times in four years, I was grateful that they let me work for them so many times).

“So what did you do before you bought your ranch?” I asked.

“I worked for Warner Brothers as an editor,” he replied. “I worked at Warner Bothers for a number of years and got tired of being in the studio.”

“So what films did you work on?” I asked.

“One film I worked on was High Plains Drifter,” he said.

I looked at him and exclaimed, “No way! High Plains Drifter? That is one of my favorite westerns. You are not going to believe this, but in 1995 I had a short story published by Ethos magazine. The title of my short story is ‘High Plains Drifter.'”



At the time, I had a few copies of my short story in a folder in my backpack. I would pass out my story to people if they were interested in reading it.

“When you drop me off, I will give you a copy of my short story,” I said.

“Sounds good.”

We drove north on U.S. 395. At Lake Crowley he turned off the road and dropped me off at this intersection. I dug out my folder that was in my backpack and gave him a copy of “High Plains Drifter.”

“Thanks,” he said.

“Thanks for the ride.”

He drove off and I started walking up U.S. 395. I walked for a short while. The sun was down and I needed to find a place to sleep. I jumped over this fence and walked out into this sagebrush maybe a quarter of a mile from Lake Crowley. I rolled out my sleeping bag and slept there. I think it got down in the upper 20s F that night.

About my meeting the guy who gave me a ride from Bishop to Lake Crowley: there are no accidents in the Kingdom of Heaven. Things happen for a reason.

The next day I hitchhiked north to Reno.

[The film High Plains Drifter, starring Clint Eastwood, was made at Mono Lake near Lee Vining, California in 1973. Lee Vining is on U.S. 395 between June Lake and Bridgeport.]

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Clint Eastwood’s film High Plains Drifter (1973)


The first time I saw High Plains Drifter was probably in the late 1970s. Clint Eastwood stars in and directs the film. Most westerns are either about cattle drives or cowboys and Indians. High Plains Drifter is different: this is a God’s-Judgment-on-the-wicked western.

Clint Eastwood plays a stranger who rides into the town of Lago–and he has a really bad attitude. This stranger is also very good with a side arm. During the course of the film, the stranger ends up killing some bad guys and burning the town of Lago to the ground. There are a couple of flashbacks of one Marshal Jim Duncan being whipped to death.  At the end of the film, the audience can see that the stranger was the Second Coming of Marshal Duncan:

The stranger rides out of the town of Lago past the cemetery. This little guy named Mordecai is writing something on a grave marker. 

The stranger looks at Mordecai and Mordecai looks up and says, “I’m almost done here.”

Then Mordecai asks the stranger, “I never did know your name.”

And the stranger replies, “Yes, you do.”

As the stranger rides off, the camera shows the grave marker: “Marshal Jim Duncan.”

There is a lot of sin (unrepented sin) in the United States and in the world. When people continue to live in sin, eventually God’s Judgment falls. The more people try to hide their sin, the greater God’s Judgment. The people of Lago tried to hide the murder of Marshal Duncan, but their sin was found out. You can’t hide from God.

There is a scene in High Plains Drifter where this lady tells the stranger, “Ever since Marshal Duncan’s death, the people in this town are afraid of strangers.”


“When the Stranger says: ‘What is the meaning of this city?
Do you huddle close together because you love each other?’
What will you answer? ‘We all dwell together
To make money from each other’? or ‘This is a community’?

“Oh my soul, be prepared for the coming of the Stranger.
Be prepared for him who knows how to ask questions.

“There is one who remembers the way to your door:
Life you may evade, but Death you shall not.
You shall not deny the Stranger.”

–T.S. Eliot
Choruses from “The Rock”


There is another scene in High Plains Drifter where the people of Lago are meeting at the church. One of the guys is speaking in the front of the church. The camera then pans to the right and shows a bulletin board with this Scripture:

Isaiah 53: 3-4: “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”


The Days of Vengeance

Marshal Jim Duncan was whipped to death; Jesus Christ was at least nine-tenths whipped to death. The stranger riding into Lago (the first scene of the film) is a symbol of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ: not as the Lamb of God, but as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Isaiah 63: 1-6: “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save. Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat? I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment. For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come. And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me. And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.”

Luke 21: 22:  “For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.”

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A Providential Ride to Manhattan, Kansas   3 comments

A conversation between a lady and a hitchhiker while driving to Manhattan, Kansas. The hitchhiker may have met her grandparents in Indiana a few years earlier.

Back in 2001, I was walking from I-70 towards Manhattan, Kansas when this pickup pulled over to give me a ride. I climbed into the pickup and this young lady said, “The Lord told me to pick you up.”

I said, “Praise the Lord! I’m a believer, too.” So we had a great chat all the way into Manhattan.

So I asked her, “Were you raised in Kansas?”

“No,” she replied. “I was raised in Indiana.”

“Have you ever heard of Columbus, Indiana?”


“Have you ever heard of Hope, Indiana?”


“Have you ever heard of the St. Louis Crossing Independent Methodist Church?”

She looked at me and exclaimed, “My grandparents go to that church!”

“I was hitchhiking through Indiana a few years ago and this teenage kid picked me up and took me to his home in Indianapolis. I met his parents; they were very friendly people. His dad was the
pastor of the St. Louis Crossing Independent Methodist Church; he asked me if I wanted to give a message at the church the next day. I said that that would be great. I gave a message at their church on Sunday and your grandparents probably heard me speak.”

“That’s incredible.”

The young lady told me of the time she was driving through Kansas a couple of years earlier. She saw this older man hitchhiking on the side of the road. In the goodness of her heart she wanted to give him a ride, but the Lord said, NO. So she drove on by. Two days later, she saw that hitchhiker on the nightly news: he had robbed and killed an older couple in the next town.

It pays to obey the Lord.

I was hitchhiking in California a couple of summers ago and these two ladies picked me up. They were Christians and we had a nice talk. The one lady told me that she picked up this hitchhiker in the Bakersfield area and gave him a ride. He was very strange: he kept staring at her.

He said, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

She said, “No, I’m washed in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ!”

Immediately the hitchhiker froze up and didn’t say a word. The lady dropped him off at the next town.

A few weeks later the lady saw that hitchhiker on the nightly news: he was in jail for killing three women in the Bakersfield area. In the interview, the hitchhiker said that he kidnapped this woman and took her out to the Tehachapi Desert and tried to kill her, but couldn’t. I believe someone was praying for her safety.

When hitchhiking or picking up hitchhikers, put God first.

Psalm 91 is a great psalm to read and build up your faith; it is the psalm of protection.

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Sleeping at the Post Office in Bridgeport, California   2 comments

Bridgeport, California

I am guessing in December of 2006, I was hitchhiking up U.S. 395 from someplace–maybe Ridgecrest, California–and heading north to Reno. I ended up in Bridgeport that evening.

I walked around Bridgeport for a while. I was looking for a barn or an abandoned car to crawl into to keep warm. It was going to get down below 20 degrees F that night. Finally, I walked over to the post office and put my backpack in the corner and sat on it for a while–I was cold and tired.

I had been sitting on my backpack for maybe half an hour, when this cop walked into the post office. He saw me sitting there and said, “Well, it’s going to get cold tonight. This is probably the best place for you to sleep.”

I said, “Thanks.”

I was grateful that he didn’t kick me out of the post office. I had been kicked out of post offices in South Dakota and Nebraska. I have slept in several post offices in my hitchhiking travels.

So the next day, I packed up my things and moseyed toward Reno.

Six months later, during the summer of 2007, I was again hitchhiking up U.S. 395. I got a ride from just north of Lee Vining to Bridgeport. It was a California Highway Patrolman. He was friendly and we had a nice chat.

He told me that he lived in Bridgeport. He said that sometime last winter, he walked into the post office and there was this guy sitting on his backpack.

“That was me!” I exclaimed.

“So you’re the guy!” He started laughing.

“Thanks for not kicking me out of the post office. It was cold that night.”

“No problem. The next time you come through Bridgeport during the winter, just go to the Sheriff’s Department. They will let you sleep on a cot in the lobby.”

And some people think that the post office is just for mailing letters.

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The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other hitchhiking stories

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The Titanic and the Hand of God   Leave a comment

The Sinking of the Titanic

[10 May 2010]

Last night I was in the kitchen watching the film Titanic (1997, directed by James Cameron).  I probably watched the first hour of the film when Susie walked in.  She said that she had seen the film before.  Susie then said something very interesting.  She said that John’s (her husband) grandfather was in England in 1912 and had bought a ticket to America.  He was supposed to leave on the Titanic, but at the last moment, he gave his ticket to someone else.  Wow!  And, of course, that individual probably persished when the Titanic hit the iceberg and sank.  The Lord obviously preserved John’s grandfather for a reason.

John’s grandfather was a French Basque and he eventually made it to America.  He ended up here in the Cedarville, California area.  He was sponsored by a rancher and worked as a sheepherder.  In my hitchhiking travels, I know that there are a lot of people of Basque descent in Nevada and Idaho.

Back to the Titanic film.  There was this scene at the beginning where this wealthy family was getting ready to board the Titanic.  This young man was bragging about the greatness of the Titanic and said that God himself couldn’t sink her.  A few days later, the Titanic was lying on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Pride comes before a fall.

God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  In God’s economy, some vessels are created for honor and some vessels are created for dishonor.  Example:  Moses was created for honor, but Pharaoh was created for dishonor or destruction; Jacob was created for honor, but Esau was created for dishonor; more recently:  Winston Churchill was created for honor, but Adolf Hitler was created for destruction.  What comes into play in all of this is a balance between God’s sovereign will and man’s will (will man submit to the will of the Father?) or the balance between grace and faith.  We are not saved by grace alone and we are not saved by faith alone:  it is the grace of God and the faith of man working together.   The Lord obviously had plans for John’s grandfather and/or for one of his descendants.

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Escape from Cuba   5 comments


Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
6 December 2007

Just got dropped off in Bishop, California. Looks like there is a big snowstorm coming into the Sierra Nevadas. The storm may last for two days.

Yesterday, I got a ride with a guy named Robert. He took me from just west of Flagstaff, Arizona on I-40 to Barstow, California. He was originally from Havana, Cuba. Robert spoke in broken English. He escaped from Cuba three years ago. He and seven other people got in a boat and began rowing to Florida. They were in the boat for eight days. Five of the people died en route. Robert, another man and a woman survived the trip. It took a lot of guts to do that. Freedom–or the hunger for freedom–is a very powerful mover in a world of slavery and oppression. The human spirit cannot remain shackled forever. Jesus sets the captives free.

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They Are Fighting People   2 comments

California and Nevada

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
10 October 2007

On the 5th of October, I slept outside in my tent just a few miles west of Barstow, California. The next morning I walked several miles west on Highway 58 till this truck driver picked me up. His name was Chi and he was originally from Thailand. He had been in the United States since 2001. Chi drove to Bakersfield where he took me out to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. We were driving north on Highway 99 when Chi asked me where my family originated. I told him that my ancestors came from Germany and Ireland. When Chi heard the word “Ireland,” he said. “Oh, you are Irish. They are fighting people.” I began to laugh and I told him that SOME Irish like to fight.

We drove through Fresno and then he stopped at a truck stop at Ripon, California. Chi got me a shower ticket, so I was able to get cleaned up. From there we parted and I walked north to the outskirts of Manteca where I slept in an orchard that night.

The next day I was walking on Highway 88 heading east towards Carson City, Nevada when this guy picked me up and took me to a small town called Lockeford, California. We stopped at a small shop that sold meat and sausage. As we waited in the shop, I noticed this street sign on the wall behind the cash register. I casually saw the word “Rush” on it, so I assumed it meant “Rush Hour” or something. On closer inspection, the sign read: “Reserved for Rush Limbaugh fans only.” I thought it was pretty funny. This guy bought me a big piece of teriyaki beef jerky–it was the best beef jerky I have ever had–it lasted me for the next couple of days. That shop is supposed to have the best meat and sausage in the area.

After Lockeford, I got dropped off in Clements and walked a number of miles on Highway 88 to the Ione turn off. I finally got a ride to Pioneer where I walked to a grocery store and bought two packages of raisin bagels.

The next day I got a couple of rides to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. There I got a ride with a beautiful young lady named Dee. She drove me to Carson City where we stopped and I prayed for her. She was drinking alcohol and seemed pretty depressed and in pain, so I talked about the Gospel as much as I could. We stopped at this city park and sat down at this picnic table and talked about various things. Dee then dropped me off and I walked to the north side of town where I got a ride to Reno.

This guy’s name was Jim. We were talking for several minutes and then he looked at me and exclaimed, “Hey, I picked you up earlier this summer!” Jim then asked, “Didn’t you give me this disk with your writings on it?”

“Yup, that was me,” I replied. We drove to Reno where he went to see his daughter. Jim’s daughter was staying with this lady and her daughter. Jim’s wife was addicted to crack cocaine, so his daughter was staying there. We stayed at their place for half an hour. The lady gave me a nice supper and then Jim and I left. Jim dropped me off at the final exit east out of Sparks. I slept at this construction bone yard that night.

Garry Owen

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A Hitchhiker in Bakersfield   3 comments

Bakersfield, California

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
14 July 2007

Just got dropped off here in Wells, Nevada. I got a good ride with a truck driver from Sparks–his name was Viktor and he was originally from the Ukraine. He didn’t speak much English, so we didn’t talk about much.

Yesterday as I walked through Mariposa, California, these two ladies picked me up and dropped me off at Mt. Bullion–there was a bar there, so I thought I would stop there and get a cheeseburger.

These two ladies were Christians and the lady driving knew that she was supposed to give me a ride. She told me that she picked up this hitchhiker in Bakersfield a while back and he was really different–he kept staring at her. He asked her, “Aren’t you afraid of me?” And she said, “I am washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ.” He didn’t say much after that.

The lady then told me that later on–it was either in a newspaper article or on the local nightly news–that the police had a man in jail that had killed a few women in the Bakersfield area. The hitchhiker that she had picked up looked exactly like the guy that the police had in custody.

The police questioned the hitchhiker/killer and he said that he took this one woman out to Tehachapi into the desert and he wanted to kill her, but he wasn’t able to. My guess is that she was a Christian and the demon inside of him was not able to overpower the Holy Spirit inside of her. There is power, power, wonderworking power in the Blood of the Lamb.

Some hitchhikers really make it difficult for other hitchhikers, but the Lord is with me–He inspires people to give me rides when I need them. I am a Blood-washed hitchhiker.

Kai the Hero Hitchhiker

California Earthquake   4 comments

San Francisco Bay Area

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
27 March 2008

The next day I got a ride to Pismo Beach. I started walking and got a ride with a young, Christian couple to San Luis Obispo. From San Luis I started walking north on U.S. 101, and after a few miles, got a ride with a couple of guys who were in the U.S. Navy. They were going to someplace near Fresno and dropped me off where Highway 41 bisects Highway 46. They had me take a photo of them by this sign that had a picture of James Dean on it—this was where James Dean was killed in a car crash back in the mid 1950s. I walked a few miles up into the hills between Paso Robles and Lost Hills and slept in my tent in a pasture.

That night I had a dream where I was in a field or a ditch and I saw this power line. There were three wooden poles that held up the power line. The middle pole was broken clean off and hanging by the power line. How did the pole get broken? Was it from an earthquake? Two days before, Bruce was driving me through Simi Valley (or somewhere near Simi Valley) and he showed me the San Andreas Fault (he also showed me the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on a hill in the distance). If this dream is from the Lord, it might mean that something is almost disconnected. If the power line had been severed, then it would surely mean that something is disconnected. Maybe California is going to have an earthquake in the near future. The state of California is now legally teaching and promoting homosexuality in California’s public schools; in the past month, a California court ruled that only people with college degrees can homeschool their kids—which means that it will be much more difficult for Christian parents to homeschool their kids. If the people of California continue to thumb their noses at the Lord and promote ungodliness, then the Lord will bring destruction on their state. The Lord destroyed San Francisco with an earthquake (San Andreas Fault) and fire in 1906.

26 October 2008

Last night I camped out four miles east of Lolo Pass in Montana on U.S. 12. As I was tending the campfire, I began to meditate on the dream I had this past March when I was camped out on Highway 46 in California.

There were three wooden poles supporting an electrical power line. The middle pole was broken clean off. The electrical power line may represent the power of God. The three wooden poles may represent the three geographical regions of California: the northern region, the central region and the southern region. The broken middle pole would symbolize the central region of California—I believe that this is where the earthquake will happen.

The northern border of the central region of California would extend from Point Arena (on Highway 1) in the west to South Lake Tahoe in the east. The southern border of the central region would extend from San Simeon in the west to Ridgecrest (on U.S. 395) in the east.

The major cities in this central region would be Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Fresno. The danger area in this region would be along the San Andreas Fault.

It is interesting to note that I did NOT have the dream when I was hitchhiking in the southern region of California (I slept outside in Barstow, Santa Barbara and Mohave/California City). I had the dream while I was camped out on the north side of Highway 46 approximately 30 miles west of Lost Hills, California: the extreme southern edge of the central region of California. The Lord is in the details.

If you go due east into the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is within the northern and southern borders of the central region of California.


The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London In That Apocalyptic Year, 1666 by Neil Hanson

Chapter 2, “The Hellish Design”:

Page 27: “Humphrey Smith’s Vision Which He Saw Concerning London, also written years before the event [1660], predicted a fire in 1666 ‘in the foundation of all her buildings and there was none could quench it . . . .The burning thereof was exceeding great . . . .All the tall buildings fell and it consumed all the lofty things therein . . . . And the fire continued, for though all the lofty part was brought down yet there was much old stuff and parts of broken down, desolate walls, which the fire continued burning against.’

“Daniel Baker also warned where the ‘evil ways’ of London would lead. ‘A fire, a consuming fire shall be kindled in the bowels of the earth, which will scorch with burning heat . . . .a great and large slaughter shall be throughout the land.’ And Walter Gostello ‘looked up to heaven and there saw such a cloud of blackness and dirt as could not possibly arise from any place but hell . . . .If fire make not ashes of the City, and thy bones also, conclude me a liar for ever . . . .Repent or burn, you and your city London.’”


Chapter 10, “Firestorm”:

Page 149: “The greatest fire that ever happened upon the earth since the burning of Sadom and Gomorrah.”

–Rege Sincera, Observations both Historical and Moral upon the Burning of London


Chapter 11, “A Dismal Desert”:

Page 162: “Thus fell great London, that ancient city, that populous city. London, which was the queen city of the land . . .and yet how is London departed like smoke and her glory laid in the dust. . . .How does the whole nation tremble at the sound of her fall. How is the pride of London stained and beauty spoiled, her arm broken and strength departed, her riches almost gone . . .since the firing and fall of this city which had the strength and treasure of the nation in it. The glory of London is now fled away like a bird, the trade of London is shattered and broken to pieces, her delights also are vanished and pleasant things laid to waste.”

–Thomas Vincent, God’s Terrible Voice in the City

Page 167: “The judgement that has fallen upon London is immediately from the hand of God and no plots by Frenchmen or Dutchmen or Papists have any part in bringing upon you so much misery.”

–Charles II

Page 176: “The King, ‘in a religious sense of God’s heavy hand upon this Kingdom in the late dreadful fire happened in the City of London . . .a visitation so dreadful that scarce any age or nation has ever seen or felt the like,’ had ordered that October 10 be observed as a ‘day of fasting and humiliation . . .to implore the mercies of God that it would please him to pardon the crying sins of this nation, those especially which had drawn down this last and heavy judgement upon us, and to remove from us all other his judgements which our sins have deserved.'”


George Fox–An Autobiography

Edited by Rufus M. Jones

Chapter XVI

“A Year in Scarborough Castle”


“The very next day after my release, the fire broke out in London [The Great Fire of London, 1666], and the report of it came quickly down into the country. Then I saw the Lord God was true and just in His Word, which he had shown me before in Lancaster jail, when I saw the angel of the Lord with a glittering sword drawn southward, as before expressed.

“The people of London were forewarned of this fire; yet few laid to heart, or believed it; but rather grew more wicked, and higher in pride. For a Friend was moved to come out of Huntingdonshire a little before the fire, to scatter his money, and turn his horse loose on the streets, to untie the knees of his trousers, let his stockings fall down, and to unbutton his doublet, and tell the people that so should they run up and down, scattering their money and their goods, half undressed, like mad people, as he was sign to them; and so they did, when the city was burning.

“Thus hath the Lord exercised His prophets and servants by His power, shown them signs of His judgments, and sent them to forewarn the people; but, instead of repenting, they have beaten and cruelly entreated some, and some they have imprisoned, both in the former power’s days and since.

“But the Lord is just, and happy are they that obey His word.”

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Branding Calves   1 comment

Yesterday, I helped some friends brand over 200 calves in Nevada and California.


Fixing Fence and the Emigrant Trail
Branding Calves and the California Outback
On The Road Again . . .

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