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The Destruction of Jerusalem, 70 A.D.   Leave a comment


Flavius Josephus describes the destruction of Jerusalem:

The Wars of The Jews--by Flavius Josephus–Written in 75 AD

Proof that Matthew 24 was fully fulfilled in 70 AD

Brief summary of Josephus’ record:The Judgment on Jerusalem according to History and Destruction of the temple
Heavenly phenomena
  • A star resembling a sword
  • A comet
  • A bright light shining around the altar and the temple
  • A vision of chariots and soldiers running around among the clouds and all cities of Palestine.
Earthly phenomena(reported by priests)
  • A quaking
  • A great noise
  • The sounds of a great multitude saying, “Let us remove hence.”

The above is an excerpt from this:

Josephus:  The Wars of the Jews
Who was Flavius Josephus?
The Archko Volume—Historical Evidence of Jesus Christ
Pilate’s Report on the Arrest, Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus


Chronology of the Signs of Josephus and Other Events – DWS

By Ernest L. Martin, PhD, 1982

Sometime in Sabbatical Year 62/63 C.E. Mystery revealed to Paul and others
Spring 62 C.E. Before the Signs Death of James the Righteous (Jesus’ half-brother)
Fall 62 C.E. (continues to 70 C.E.) Sign 7: Joshua begins his prophesying
Spring 63 C.E. Sign 3: Lamb born from a cow inside the Temple
Late 65, early 66 C.E. Sign 1: Star like a sword and comet appear in night sky
Spring 66 C.E. Sign 2: Brilliant light on altar and sanctuary of the Temple
Spring 66 C.E. Sign 4: Doors of Eastern Gate open on their own
Spring 66 C.E. Sign 5: Chariots and armies seen in the sky throughout Judea
Spring 66 C.E. Sign 6: Voice from Inner Court, “We are leaving from here.”
Fall 70 C.E. Sign 7: Jerusalem surrounded, Joshua dies, city and Temple destroyed

Signs of the Times in the First Century


A couple of days ago (Thanksgiving Day), a friend of mine told me about the Comet ISON.  You could see some of the comet near the sun in the early afternoon; we were looking at it in Bellevue, Idaho.  It looked like the tail of the comet was multicolored:  green, blue, yellow—I think.  Maybe this is a portent from the Lord about more judgment and destruction on the United States because of the wickedness of this nation.

Comet ISON

This is a PERVERSE Generation!
This is Sodom! This is Sodom!
The Killer Angels