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This is from the blog My Dreams and Visions:

I do not think I have ever posted anything like this before so here goes. Yesterday. 01/10/2015 I was laying in bed when I got what I will call a vision of a massive earthquake hitting Japan. I do not know the exact date but I sense that it could be soon.  This kept bugging me for 2 days so I am posting it and going out on a limb of faith that I am hearing the Lord on this one. If I get anything further, I will post it to this posting.


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Flee California!   15 comments


Flee California!
California Earthquake
This is Sodom! This is Sodom!


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Wendy Alec’s Vision of the Destruction of San Francisco   12 comments


[July 18th, 2008]




Dear Friends:
I was awoken in the early hours of the morning to hear the words ringing out -‘ THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY’ – As I currently live in the UK and am not at all familiar with the West Coast I did not know even know what The Bay meant other than that I knew the Lord was saying CALIFORNIA – but once again I sensed a strong red alert for San Francisco.
It was only a day LATER that I discovered that the Bay area covers San Francisco. I knew the Lord was trying to get my attention.
Words of judgement are often not well received and I have held back on this word for several weeks to weigh it intensely, but under the fear of the Lord I feel I must deliver it now so that those with a burden for the West coast can pray, so that many, many will come to repentance in this present hour and also that God’s faithful servants will know his supernatural protection in the times to come. This is what I saw.
I saw two huge Angels of Judgement carrying what seemed to be huge golden threshing instruments that looked like scythes. They were crying out in loud voices:
‘THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY’ and again they cried out – ‘THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY.’ 
I did not know what that meant except that I knew that it was CALIFORNIA and I had the same dread for San Francisco that I had experienced before when I had received the ‘West Coast’ Prophecy.
And I saw a mighty shaking and trembling begin under the earth
And the Lord said – ‘From under the Pacific it shall come – in Fire and in water – it shall come.’
It was hardly noticeable at first but it was as though the whole city froze as one and then the shaking and the terror and THEN THE FIRE CAME
I saw a horrifying inferno — A literal inferno.
I saw ravaged land – ravaged, ravaged cities.
But one city received the full force of this terror and earthquake and this is what the warning was crying out ‘THE BAY – THE BAY’
And I saw the heavens were black – blacker than black and there was no light – all light was extinguished.
And the smoke continued to rise and thousands upon thousands of this city were killed at the first strike
But I saw a second strike.
A second strike
And I saw water – water devastating parts of the West Coast – to the NORTH – THE NORTH – beware the NORTH – THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIAN COASTLINE
I still saw plumes of smoke rising from charred buildings.
There was not just one city affected. It was more than one – on the Northern California Coast.
People were bleeding and dying.
The emergency services were hindered greatly from reaching The Bay in good time – they were prepared but no one could prepare for this and the suffering was intense.
I heard many cursing God – even in their suffering instead of crying out for mercy they were cursing God
But I also heard those crying out in desperation for His mercy and the Angel of the Lord spoke the Word of the Lord
And I heard him say ‘And these ones I shall by no means cast out.’

And the moon turned a strange colour of crimson.
And the haze hung over the bay for many days and nights.
And the city was silent.
Thousands of people were left crushed – drowned.
I felt this was further up the coast than Los Angeles – more to the North, though Los Angeles was shaken it was not as devastating as The BAY the Lord was talking about.
EMPTY CISTERNS I saw written in the sky EMPTY CISTERNS above San Francisco – and the scales – the scales of sin and judgement were full – so full that judgement could not be withheld over San Francisco.
[The prophecy about Los Angeles was skipped]
But then I was led back to San Francisco and the great devastation ahead in the future –
And I saw the face of the Angels of Judgement were set fiercely against this city and the word of the Lord came forth saying – ‘For I have set my face against this land – and even in a moment I shall smite it’ – and I saw the fall of the Golden Gate – cut in two and how the mighty were brought to the ground even in a moment. And I saw above the Golden gate bridge written IDOLATRY.
And I saw the city of San Francisco a devastation – blackened and even to the coastline to the North of San Francisco –
‘CRY OUT, CRY OUT!’ cried the Angels of the Lord –‘CRY OUT, CRY OUT to the Most High God for surely your idols have fallen – every one – and no more shall they rise.’
And then I saw a rainbow – the most glorious sight – it rose from the stretches of Northern California and over the devastated city of San Francisco and then over to Southern California and it blazed with every colour as bright as the sun and out of the radiance I saw a GOLDEN GATE – it seemed so huge and so glorious it looked as the gates of heaven – and I heard the Lord say – ‘And now I shall establish in this place MY GOLDEN GATE –
A gate of repentance –
A gate of revival –
A gate of cleansing –
A gate of Holiness’.
And I saw a remnant in that charred city come out from under the angel’s robes – and over their heads was written FAITHFUL and TRUE –and The Lord said ‘These are those who stood for me in this city of San Francisco-
These are those who have wept and pleaded and interceded for this city day and night without ceasing. These are those who were My gate keepers of this city – who heralded in revival – and poured out My Spirit even in the face of great opposition and persecution – these are those who are greatly BELOVED by me.’
And I saw that the Lord Himself had placed them under the angel’s mantle and that these faithful pastors and apostles, these intercessors and prophets had been divinely protected by the Lord’s own hand from this harm and I saw the Father’s hand pick them up and set them on high with heaven’s Golden Gate – as His chosen gatekeepers for the new move of His spirit that would sweep through the Northern parts and coastline of California.
And I heard the Lord say ‘REDDING – REDDING ‘ – and I saw a vast thick elixir like golden river flowing from REDDING to San Francisco – San Jose and on to Los Angeles – and these forks in the river were all connected.
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New Camaldoli   6 comments

Back in April of 1983, I was working on a cattle ranch in western Nebraska.  After a few days on the ranch, I decided to hit the road and head west to California.  I wanted to see a lady who had written a couple of books of poetry.  She lived in Big Sur, California.  We had exchanged a couple of letters and I talked with her on the phone when I was living in Iowa.

I got a couple of rides from Nebraska into western Wyoming on I-80.  It didn’t take long to hitchhike across Utah.  Then I got a ride from the Utah-Nevada State line all the way to Sunnyvale, California.

This car pulled over to where I was standing and this young lady said, “I’m only going to San Francisco.”

So we drove across Nevada and talked about various things.  I slept part of the way to California.  She dropped me off in Sunnyvale; it was around four o’clock in the morning.  I thanked her for the ride and walked down this freeway (I think it was U.S. 101).  I found some bushes to sleep in for a while.

Just before the sun came up, I started walking down the freeway.  I saw this car parked on the shoulder.  I thought it was broke down or abandoned.  As I walked past the car, this guy in the back seat spoke up.  I was surprised to hear someone speaking from the car and I turned and talked with the guy.

“Where you going?” he asked.

“Santa Cruz,” I replied.

“Where you coming from?”

“I just hitchhiked from Nebraska.”

“Sounds like a long trip.”

I looked at his leg—it was in a cast.  “What happened to your leg?” I asked.

“I broke it while surfing.  You’re going to Santa Cruz?”


“You’re going in the wrong direction.  You’re going south—you need to go west.  Walk back to the next off ramp and take Highway 17 to Santa Cruz.”

“Hey, thanks.  I hope your leg heals up soon.”

“Me too.”

I don’t remember if his car broke down or ran out of gas.

So I walked back to Highway 17 and hitchhiked to Santa Cruz.  It was Providential that I met that guy with the broken leg.  He pointed me in the right direction.

From Santa Cruz I took a bus to Monterrey and then shared a taxi with a guy to Carmel.  I phoned my poet friend from Carmel.  She and her boyfriend picked me up a while later and drove me to her house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur.  She told me that it was a miracle that I arrived in Carmel when I did.  Two hours before I phoned her, Highway 1 north of Big Sur had reopened after being shut down for two months because of a mudslide.

I stayed at her house for a few days and then hitchhiked south to this Camaldolese monastery.  It is called New Camaldoli Hermitage; it is in the Santa Lucia Mountains.  As I walked and hitchhiked south on the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), I met this bicyclist from Austria.

“Can I get through to San Francisco?” he asked.  “I heard that there was a big mudslide south of Big Sur.”

“Yeah,” I replied.  “I just came through there.  I walked across the mudslide no problem.”

“That’s a relief.  I just rode my bike from Belize through Mexico.  I am heading to Canada.”

“Have a good trip.”

I got a ride to Lucia (I am not sure if this town exists anymore) and stopped at New Camaldoli for three nights.  The monks put me up in my own hermit cell. They gave me three meals a day.  Each day I would have fellowship with the younger monks in the chapel.  The older monks (hermits) would stay in their own hermit cells.  The monks I met were very friendly.  It is probably rare for a hitchhiker to stay at their hermitage.  It was a beautiful, quiet place built on the side of this mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Back in 1980, I had been working on a farm in County Carlow in Ireland for a few months.  I met this school teacher while I was there.  She asked me if I had ever heard of a writer named Thomas Merton.  I told her I didn’t.  Thomas Merton had gone to college at Cambridge and Columbia and showed much promise as a writer.  He later joined this Cistercian Monastery in Kentucky.  Eventually I read a couple of his books and thought that maybe I should become a monk.

I visited a couple of monasteries in Ireland and several in the United States.  I thought I should become a monk because I really didn’t blend in well with the world system.  I didn’t blend in well with the world system as a 17-year-old atheist.  I still don’t blend in well with the world system as 51-year-old hitchhiker.  Some people just don’t blend in well.

I remember back in 1982, some people dropped me off at the New Melleray Abbey near Dubuque, Iowa.  I stayed one night to see what it was like.  I talked to a couple of monks about the monastic life.  As I left the monastery the next morning, this older monk smiled at me, opened the door and saw me off.

“Where you off to?” he asked.

“I’m going to hitchhike to Iowa City,” I replied.  “Thanks for letting me stay the night.”

“You’re welcome.  Have a safe trip and God bless you.”

That old monk had such a serene smile.

After I left New Camaldoli, I hitchhiked back north to Big Sur.  I got one ride with this man and woman in a pickup.  They told me that a friend of theirs had a vivid dream of an earthquake that hit California, so she immediately flew to Thailand.  A week after I heard about this earthquake dream, an earthquake hit Coalinga, California.  Things happen for a reason.

Wikipedia:  “The 1983 Coalinga earthquake occurred on May 2, 1983 at exactly 23:42 UTC in Coalinga,California. The earthquake recorded 6.5 on the Richter scale. The earthquake was caused by an unknown fault buried under the surface.”

“This earthquake caused an estimated $10 million in property damage (according to the American Red Cross) and injured 94 people. Damage was most severe in Coalinga, where the 8-block downtown commercial district was almost completely destroyed. Here, buildings having unreinforced brick walls sustained the heaviest damage.”

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Spirit of Sorrow   2 comments

Dreams from the LORD 2011
13 March 2011

There is a great spirit of sorrow or grief that is pervading my whole being. I think something really bad is going to happen. I think the earthquake in Japan that happened on 11 March was a foreshadowing of something more disastrous to come on the United States. Maybe it is the Las Vegas Earthquake.

I stayed in Riverton, Wyoming at the shelter for the past two nights. Last night the Presence of God was very strong and annoying–I didn’t sleep that much. Even one of the guys at the shelter noticed that something was wrong with me; maybe I looked like I was under some duress. He asked me if everything was okay; I forget what I told him.

I remember the week before 11 September 2001, I was getting more and more annoyed about the fact that someone wanted to assassinate President George W. Bush. But now it is much worse than that; it is a real spirit of heaviness and sorrow–like many people may die. I can’t shake it.

I stayed overnight at a friend’s place in Dubois on the 10th of March. That evening the Presence of God became very powerful. The next day I found out on the morning news about the 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

14 March 2011

Last night I stayed at Jeremy and Felice’s place in Jackson. This morning Felice had been listening to the news on the radio about the earthquake in Japan. She told me that the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan had to pull out of the area because of too much radiation leaking from one of the nuclear power plants. The U.S.S. Reagan was one hundred miles off the coast of Japan. I watched the news on CNN today and there is a lot of attention on two or three nuclear reactors that were damaged during the earthquake in Japan.

The spirit of sorrow that I felt yesterday could be about the possible radiation poisoning of many people on the northeast coast of Japan. And maybe the Lord was concerned about the U.S. military personnel (like the U.S.S. Reagan) that were in Japan helping the victims of the massive earthquake that happened on 11 March.

It seems like when something major happens concerning national security for the United States, I pick up on it (perceive it in my spirit) right away. The Holy Ghost is a million times more powerful and sensitive than radar. Radar is created; the Holy Ghost is uncreated.

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2011 Japan Earthquake   7 comments


Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake–11 March 2011

The Holy Ghost was burning me up on the evening of 10 March 2011.  The next morning, I saw on the morning news that Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake (later upgraded to a 9.1).

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Henry Gruver in Japan, 2012 (Henry Gruver rebuking the radiation is between the 9-minute mark and the 11-minute mark in the video)
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I am not sure how to explain this phenomenon of myself burning up in the Holy Ghost preceding a disaster (and I do experience the Holy Ghost Fire DURING a disaster).  I know it has something to do with the Lord’s judgment on sin.  You could call it strategic intercession (not unlike strategic bombing during a time of war) or strategic destruction of a satanic stronghold.

When the Lord glorifies my body (actually it is the spirit in my body that becomes glorified), it must act as a lens that the Holy Ghost flows through (like a lens in a laser beam or a laser weapon)—maybe you could call it concentrated Light (Uncreated Light).  I am not exactly sure how a laser works, but a laser beam is definitely concentrated light.

I do know, in my spirit, that the Lord is using me in strategic intercession to take out satanic strongholds (principalities and powers of darkness—high level demons)—like Islamo-Fascist radicals—people who hate the United States and Israel.  The tension is still there between the descendants of Isaac (Judaeo-Christianity) and the descendants of Ishmael (Islamic slavery).  Light versus Darkness.

So the big question:   will the Lord give me a premonition, a warning when the Las Vegas Earthquake will happen (like a few days before it happens)?  Or will the Lord burn me up in the Holy Ghost before and during the disaster?  It doesn’t matter:  God’s will be done.

It is a great honor that the Lord is using me to protect aspects of the United States, but the Lord is also using me to destroy satanic strongholds in this country (judgment on sin).  Too many people in the United States are promoting the sins of abortion, homosexuality, enviro-paganism (creation worship, instead of Creator worship—as explained in Romans Chapter 1) and other sins.  There WILL be more destruction and loss of lives on American soil in the near future.

I Kings 18: 36-38
Jeremiah 5: 3


Dreams from the LORD 2011
5 May 2011

I think it is interesting that when that massive tornado went through the southeastern United States last week, I was really burning up in the Holy Ghost.  Of course, I didn’t know what was going on at the time.  After the tornado did its damage, then the Holy Ghost Fire wasn’t burning me up any more.

I also call this spiritual burning Rapture, the Presence of God or I might say, “The Holy Ghost fell on me” (II Kings 1: 9 & 10).


Dreams from the LORD 2011
17 May 2011

Last night I had a dream and in the dream I saw a tornado or maybe several tornadoes go through a field or a pasture.

A tornado means destruction or upheaval.  I remember I was spending some time with a man and woman and their family in St. John, Kansas back in 2002.  One night that man had a dream where he saw a tornado go through their house.  A few years later, that couple was divorced.

So if I saw a tornado in my dream, this might mean that there will be upheaval in the United States.  It probably means more judgment is coming to this country—and it might not come through a tornado.  Destruction might come through an earthquake.

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