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Christian History

The Deathbed Prophecy of King Edward the Confessor, 1066
John Milton:  Writer and Revolutionary
Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna
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The Early Christians Were Intensely Christ-Centered
Gleanings from George Fox
English Bible History
Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky
President McKinley’s Dream
Obedience to the Promptings of the Spirit (1904 Welsh Revival)
Traditions of Men
St. Bartholomew Day Massacre, 1572
John Wycliffe

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self denial

The following is a letter of encouragement to the flock of Christ.

[By William Dewsbury]

Dear Friends,

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ walk, so as to reign over all that is contrary to the light; that, in the light and glory of God, you may all shine forth, living witnesses of the name of the everlasting, holy, pure God, who has looked upon you in his tender love, to gather you to stand against all deceit, in his everlasting power. Blessed are you who are faithful in obeying the light of Christ, who follow him in the cross and the straight way of self-denial, You are my brethren and sisters in the Lord Jesus, our Captain. He will crown you with his mighty power to stand over all [temptations] to follow him in faith and patience, until every tongue that lifts up itself against you, shall fall in judgment, together with all who stumble at Christ Jesus, our light and life, who will gather a large people to himself. In that country, many shall come in, who are yet wandering upon the mountains, where they find no rest. Blessed are all you that abide and walk faithfully with the Lord, whom he has called and chosen to be the first fruits. Whatever arises contrary to the light, within or without, watching in the light, you will discern; stay your hearts upon the Lord, holding fast your confidence in him. He will deliver you out of all that is contrary to the light, and cause you to rejoice in the daily cross, crucifying you to the world and the world to you. Over the world He will cause you to rejoice, and you shall stand over it in the power of God, with all its pomp and glory and the evil therein, to his praise and glory. Even so be it with you all, in the mighty power of God, in which my soul salutes you that faithfully and humbly walk before the Lord, in obedience to his counsel.

Dear lambs, called to lie down in the safe fold of rest, in Christ our life, in tender love beseech you, that you are faithful in meeting together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; and diligently watch to know your own measure of grace in Christ, to feel him in you to judge your thoughts, and every vain imagination, that you may reign over them, and delight in the refreshing of his presence. And all take heed of many words; at all times let them be few, and from the savory spirit of life, in Christ. In him, the blessing of the Lord rest on you all forevermore; there to farewell with me in the everlasting love of the Father in Christ, Amen.

William Dewsbury

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An Epistle from Stephen Crisp, When a Prisoner   Leave a comment


“O you lambs of the green pasture! you sheep of my Father’s fold! you who by the word of life are made acquainted with the power of regeneration, and are born into the nature of the Lamb’s innocence; and are grown up in the virtue of sincerity. Oh! how glorious is your appearance? My eye beholds, and my heart is ravished; my soul shall praise the God of my life forever and ever on your behalf. From the hill have I viewed you, and from the high tower of my refuge have I looked on you; my eye is opened, and I see you the flock of undefiled lambs in whom my God is glorified. Oh! feed you, and be you nourished; for your pastures are enlarged. and your Shepherd’s care is over you; his arm is able to defend you from every beast of the field. By day will he feed you in his pleasant pastures, and by night will he fold you in a fold of rest. Oh! my beloved Friends, this is the day of which we have spoken, and in which not only the words, but the nature must be manifested. You who bear the Lamb’s image, and grow in his nature, first being proved, shall be preserved and delivered, and in the day of trial feel the word of patience; for that stays the thoughts, and keeps satisfied in the present state. Here is the glory of the saints, who only of all the children of men, can glory in tribulation, and can grow then in patience. Now the glory of Zion’s daughters appears to be within them, and their strength is a continual spring, whereby her sons are armed with power, to tread down change and alterations, and dwell in the dominion over trouble. Glory, glory to the God of our strength, who keeps us, who guards Israel, who arms his chosen ones, and leads them to the battle, and keeps our head covered therein, that the enemy cannot wound it.

“Here, my dearly beloved brethren and sisters, in the generation of our endless posterity, is my unity with you preserved, though by locks and bars I be separated outwardly from you, yet by the invisible flowings of life, do I reach you, and am felt by you, in that eternal Spirit which quickens and gives life to every member of the church of Christ. This present separation, is for trial of our faith, love and patience, that through exercise they may be perfected, and we all may learn the heavenly and internal knowledge, sense and feeling one of another, by sinking into, and waiting in the spirit of the Father, by which the whole body is knit and united together; and who knows us not in this, is not truly of us; for as we have said, declarations and prophecies must cease, but the word which begets and gives life, abides forever, and is the daily bread, which is set before the mercy seat, in the house of our God, of which none may eat, but those who are sanctified, washed and clean, according to the law, and are witnesses of the offering, that makes atonement; and these may now feed together, being nourished, and grow strong, as well as ever; because the enemy cannot rob you of your food, and your water. Therefore eat, O Friends, and drink abundantly of the new wine, well refined; let your hearts be glad, and let your souls rejoice in the promise, for this is the day of the Lamb’s battle, and the day of his victory is near at hand, wherein the carcasses must be buried out of sight, and all dead worship without life put under, and the living worship of the living God, be exalted more and more. Therefore rejoice you, and I say again, rejoice. Let your hearts be strong, O my beloved Friends, and comfort you yourselves therein, and one another, and love one another. Let the spirit of love abound in you, one towards another, in how much you see the enemy seeks to discomfort you. Mark the weak among you in true love and compassion; beware of the wiles of those who are crafty, who seek to lead from the simplicity of the gospel. Keep your testimony alive in all things, wherein you are required by the Lord, and be not terrified at all that is, or may come to pass. The God of peace and power, of eternal love and truth, preserve you all faithful to the end, to the everlasting consolation of your souls, and glory of his great name; for the sake whereof he has saved us, and delivered us, and will yet deliver us; to whom be everlasting praises, and holy thanksgiving forever and ever. Amen.”

–Stephen Crisp

Stephen Crisp Letters

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Inward Peace

By Thomas Ellwood

My Peace I give unto you.  John 14:27

Who can conceive, much less express,
The inward peace which they possess,
Who, by the indwelling of the light,
Have put satanic powers to flight;
In whom, renewed and born again,
The Lord of life does live and reign:
Renewed, restored, purged, purified,
And natural rovings laid aside;

Cleansed by the blood, kept by the grace,
That sin in them scarce finds a place;
The temple swept, prepared, then blessed
With presence of an heavenly guest,
A guest, not for a night or twain,
But one that always will remain;
Yes, such a guest as does impart,
That joy which overcomes the heart,
A joy so great, no tongue of man,
Express the fullness of it can;
And this unutterable bliss,
Flows from the love of God to His.
O! love immense, and without bound,
To all that in the Truth are found,
words are too short to set it forth
In its extent, and real worth.
The wife, that in the bosom lies,
Is precious in the husband’s eyes;
The sucking babe is very near,
The only Son, exceeding dear;
Tender the apple of the eye,
Friends and relations very nigh;
But yet this love does far transcend
That to wife, child, eye, parent, friend.

These metaphors are all too low,
The nature of this love to show;
No tongue is able to declare,
How dear to God His children are;
Only the sense of it is felt,
Which breaks the heart and makes it melt.

The Poetry of Thomas Ellwood


15 February 2014

Yesterday I was reading The Great Fire of London in that Apocalyptic Year, 1666 by Neil Hanson.  I think it may have been in the second chapter, but it said that Thomas Ellwood prophesied or had dreams or visions in 1662 that showed him that London would suffer a plague and a fire in the near future.  The plague hit London in 1665 and the Great Fire hit London in 1666.

The Great Fire of London

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Does Christ or Scripture Rule?   Leave a comment

Does Christ or Scripture Rule?

You Must Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood   Leave a comment

You Must Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood

The Last Supper

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The Missing Cross

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My Sheep Hear My Voice   3 comments


My Sheep Hear My Voice

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The Second Appearance of Jesus with His Kingdom is a Personal Experience!   10 comments


The Second Appearance of Jesus with His Kingdom is a Personal Experience!
Physical Sight and Spiritual Sight
Glorified in His Saints

The Day of the Lord   4 comments


This is from the Missing Cross to Purity:

What the Day of the Lord is,
How it is Seen,
and to Whom has it Appeared.

That which may be known of God is manifest [revealed] within them,
for God has shown it to them.
Rom 1:19

God is a spirit, his day is spiritual, and is seen with a spiritual eye. It is pure light, pure brightness; the pure shining forth of the Lord in his glorious excellence; holiness shedding itself abroad in its glory — purity spreading itself in its immeasurable excellence. It can only be seen as it is in itself by the children of light, that are born of it. The natural day receives its brightness from the sun; the spiritual day receives its brightness from the Son of Righteousness, by whom it is brought forth, who causes it to spring from on high, who is the Fountain of life,without whom nothing was, or is made. As the natural day receives its clearness from the natural sun, and is discerned by the natural eye of the natural man; and all things natural are seen and discovered by and in the natural day, and are obvious to him that has his sight; even so from the Sun of Righteousness! the Lord of glory, light, and purity, the day of God receives its brightness; and it is discerned by the spiritual eye of the spiritual man, who is in the image of the Father, brought forth in life from God the Father of life, by Christ Jesus the Life of men, the Light of the world. This is the birth which is born from above, which is of the nature of the Father, and of the Son, and of the day. Only he, who is of this birth, comes to behold this day, and discerns all things of the Father’s kingdom by it, and likewise the hidden things of dishonesty, and the works of darkness, which are brought forth by the prince of darkness, who is shut up in eternal and utter darkness; which is his residence, and shall be the residence forever, and of all the workers of iniquity that bear his image.

Yet some may say that this day has not appeared to any in this age. But if a man who is naturally blind should say that there is no light in the day nor in the sun, because he sees none; is there then no light in the day, nor in the sun? And what if all things are alike unto him, day and night, so that he can not distinguish between the two; does this then make void the claim of those with a natural eye who can see both the sun and day? And if those who are spiritually blind, and are children of the night, say they see nothing of the day of the Lord, or of the discovery of the things of God, or of his glorious appearance, which many do witness, does this render their sight void, who have seen into the things of God’s kingdom? The unbelief of some does not make the faith of those who do believe void – may God so forbid.

–Francis Howgill

Judas said to him, (not Iscariot),
Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us, and not unto the world?
Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man loves me, he will obey my teaching:
and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our home with him
John 14:18-23 

The Works of Francis Howgill

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