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This is a comment that I posted on the blog It’s the Women, Not the Men!:

“Speaking of famous women, I am not impressed with Sarah Palin. I know that many conservatives like her a lot, but she really needs to quit promoting herself and go back home and take care of her family/children.

“Her oldest daughter had a child out of wedlock and her oldest son was married and soon divorced. If the mother is out promoting her career, the kids are left raising themselves. If Sarah Palin wants to run for public office, then don’t have children.

“Sarah Palin is a great speaker and is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous, but she comes across as being selfish. Back in 2008, I was planning on voting for McCain/Palin, but the Lord told me not to vote for anybody.

“Motherhood is beautiful and it is very sacrificial. But too many women sacrifice their children’s formative years so that they can chase their own careers and become media darlings for the madding crowd.”

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