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Two Coyotes take down a Deer – Ketchum, Idaho   4 comments

Sun Valley Ski Resort – Ketchum, Idaho

Two Coyotes take down a Deer – Ketchum, Idaho

A guy grooming a ski trail at the Sun Valley Ski Resort made a video of two coyotes taking down a deer. It may have been filmed on the weekend of 25/26 February. It was filmed at night.

I have never heard of a coyote taking down a deer.  I thought coyotes killed rabbits or smaller animals.

What do coyotes eat?

Unusual coyote behavior reported in Bonner County in North Idaho

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Happy Independence Day from Idaho, 2022   3 comments


Some friends of mine and myself went hiking on the Taylor Canyon Loop in the hills just north of Ketchum, Idaho today.

Here are some photos by Matt Runte:

On the Taylor Canyon Loop
Tim pointing at something
Bald Mountain (elevation 9150 feet) behind the hiker in the distance

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