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Miracle on the Salmon River   2 comments


Salmon River

This is from the Salmon, Idaho Recorder-Herald newspaper, 27 June 2019.

Dear Editor:

It all started Sunday evening
about 7:30 when I called out to my
wife that I did not feel right, she
came out of the trailer asking what
was wrong, I told her there was
pain in my chest and I felt odd. I
got up took a couple of steps and I
collapsed. Just before blacking out
I remember the forest seemed all
electrified or tingly, all distorted but
very alive!!

The next thing I remember is
seeing sand and asking my wife
what happened. She told me I had
collapsed and I remember seeing
the fear in her eyes. I couldn’t really
talk but I knew I was not ok. She in-
sisted upon getting help, only thing
was there was not anyone else there
except some river rafters whom had
just stopped right below our camp
and were setting up their camp.

The next thing I knew there were
3 guys standing over me and one was
saying, “I am Noah” he was putting
on some kind of machine to my chest
and telling me to breath and look at
him. A very short time passed (I
later learned it was about 5 minutes)
and BAM!! I was hit with the most
powerful shock I have ever felt in
my life and Noah [Hartford] saying “Sorry, I
had to do that, your heart is working
now though.”

It was an AED* that the forest ser-
vice ladies had provided. They did
not know how to use it particularly
but they offered it and Noah being
trained did know; I laid there on the
ground, I remember being moved to
lay on some blankets as they were
trying to get me more comfortable
and it was so cold, I was shivering so
hard and freezing for so long waiting
for an ambulance to come, 70 miles
from Salmon.

All in all I laid there over 2 hours,
and the AED had to hit me two more
times to keep my heart going and
toward the last I remember hearing
battery low, change batteries, over
and over and that was disturbing in
itself, not knowing. Then finally the
ambulance arrived, they switched
AED’s out and put me in the ambu-
lance and away we went, all I can
remember is seeing the roof and a
couple of faces of the people taking
care of me, starting IV’s, etc.

I remember one of the ladies
had motion sickness and I so felt
for her as I know how bad that can
be but she hung in there and never
complained once. What a sacrifice
these volunteers where making to
try to save my life. After another
two hours or so we reached Salmon
and I remember transferring into the
Salmon hospital and the people there
also doing more to try to make me
comfortable, I had extreme pain in
my chest that would not subside no
matter what they tried to do.

After some time had passed there
I was again loaded into the same am-
bulance by the same wonderful peo-
ple to take me to the airport where
another team took over and I was
again transferred to a small plane
to be flown to Missoula where they
were waiting to take me to surgery.
I remember the sound of the plane
pushing it for all it was worth and
again just faces and ceilings.

We finally made it to Missoula
where another ambulance was wait-
ing and again transferred to that and
off to the hospital and whisked away
straight into surgery where they put
in two stents as the left side of my
heart was 100% blocked and was
not working at all. I SHOULDN’T
BE ALIVE! But I am, it was a total
complete and nothing short of a
miracle that this all came together
to save my life.

The fact that we were 70 miles
back in the forest on a winding river
road, no one around but some float-
ers that were not even supposed to be
there, they had planned a completely
different trip until that morning and
found themselves at Corn Creek
when they had originally planned
to be on the Middle Fork.

The fact the forest service did
have an AED on hand and there was
a stranger whom knew how to use
it because he has a young son with
a heart condition and has dedicated
his life to helping others and getting
AED’s into schools, forests, etc.,
the fact there was really only a five
minute window as after my wife had
brought me back to consciousness
and they had gotten the AED hooked
up was about 5 minutes when I had
to be hit with the first shock, and the
fact that the volunteer ambulance
crew gave up their holiday weekend
to get me to surgery is all a part of
this amazing miracle.

I describe this most improbable
occurrence comparable to two atoms
smashing together and capturing the
sun! I want to say I appreciate ALL
OF YOU! I also appreciate another
amazing friend and that is Tim Shey,
High Plains Drifter.

Mike [& Cindy] Jensen
Twin Falls

*Automated External Defibrillator

Lemhi, Idaho
TV Newscast
News Radio 1310 KLIX
KMVT 11 News
The Right Place at the Right Time
Device saves lives, even on Idaho’s River of No Return
Medical helicopter base to open in Salmon

Praying for Jessie   11 comments


12 December 2015

Yesterday I walked eight miles from Belgrade to Manhattan, Montana on I-90.  I put my backpack down on the shoulder and waited a few minutes and this vehicle pulled over to give me a ride.  The driver’s name was Butch and he was from near Great Falls.  I told him that I was going to Missoula.

We stopped in Three Forks where Butch bought me a sandwich and something to drink.  He told me that he just flew back from Alaska.  He helped his son move from Montana to a new job in southeastern Alaska.  Butch also was a Christian and we had a great talk about the things of God as we traveled west.

When we drove into Missoula, Butch told me that things happen for a reason and that I was in his car for a reason.  He told me that he had a sister that lived south of Missoula who had cancer and was bedridden.  Her name was Jessie.  He said that maybe the Lord had him pick me up so that I could pray for her.  I agreed with him.

Previously I had told Butch that when I was living in Ames, Iowa (around 1990), that I had prayed for my roommate’s girlfriend, Vanessa.  Vanessa had gone to this doctor and she had to have surgery on her sinuses.  Before I prayed for Vanessa, I had told my roommate how my faith in Jesus Christ healed me of manic-depression back in 1986.  My roommate told Vanessa about this, so they wanted to talk to me about it.

I told Vanessa how I was healed and I asked her if she wanted me to lay hands on her and pray for her healing..  She said yes, so I laid my hands on her head, prayed in tongues and I could feel virtue go through my hands.  A few days later, I was at the lumber yard stocking some lumber up on the cat walk when I saw my roommate walking down the aisle of the building.  He had driven to the lumber yard to tell me that Vanessa had gone to the doctor and that there was nothing wrong with her sinuses—she was healed!  He held out his hand and reached up to me and we shook hands.  I said, “Praise the Lord!”, and went back to work.  I later told Vanessa that her faith had healed her.

Butch and I drove south of Missoula and we drove to his relative’s house where his sister, Jessie, was staying.  We walked into their house and we met Butch’s relatives.  Jessie was laying in bed in the living room.  It looked like she was in great pain.  Jessie told me that it was very difficult to breathe.

We talked for a little while and then I asked Jessie if I could put my hand on her shoulder and pray in tongues.  She agreed, so I began to pray.  I think I prayed for around five minutes; I could feel virtue go through my hands.  After we were done praying, Butch and myself and the rest of the family had some supper.

Butch then drove me to a gas station in Lolo where we talked for a short while.  We shook hands and I walked to my campsite down by the river.

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