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Dutch Farmers are Resisting the Globalist Fantasy   2 comments


This is from the blog Dover Beach:

This, by the way, is what happens when your national government becomes penetrated by globalist activists from the World Economic Forum.”



First Boer War – 1880-1881

Second Boer War – 1899-1902

Third Boer War – 2022

(“Boer” means “farmer” in Dutch)


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Dutch Farmers Ignite Worldwide Anti-Globalist Uprising

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The Dutch farmers are inspired by the Holy Ghost and by the Canadian truck drivers. The Canadian truck drivers are Canadian heroes, American heroes and Dutch heroes. God bless the Dutch farmers and the Canadian truck drivers.

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An Email from Joke and Hans Grutter   Leave a comment

This morning I received a nice email from Joke (pronounced “yoka”) and Hans Grutter:
Dear Tim,
Last week we received your book the High Plains Drifter. It was very interesting to read. I read through it in “one breath” as we call it. When I read all the places you have been, it brings up memories because we visited some of the places (cities) too.
I now also know why your email address ┬áis “sawman”.
We hope and pray that you are doing fine and that the Holy Spirit keeps sending you where HE wants you to go and that you may be a blessing to the people you meet.
We are doing fine, and if we ever do a trip again like this year, we will inform you where we will be travelling so maybe we can meet somewhere along that trip.
We will pray for you.

Love and greetings,

Joke & Hans Grutter, The Netherlands
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A Book Review for High Plains Drifter
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