World Economic Forum – A Failing Criminal Organization   6 comments

World Economic Forum – A Failing Criminal Organization – Clif High

“These people are evil. They’re also very, very, very stupid and they’re inbred.”

–Clif High describing the World Economic Forum

Yuval Noah Harari – The Face of Evil

Barry Wunsch – Vision of Deep State – Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton

Putin’s Speech: The End of the New World Order. The Dawn of the Multipolar World

There Will Be A Second Nuremberg Trial

Jacinda Ardern Resigns

New Zealand being used as Guinea Pig by the New World Order

The insipid cult of saint Jacinda Ardern – The Spectator

6 responses to “World Economic Forum – A Failing Criminal Organization

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  1. I have been listening to an interview between Steve Shultz and Johnny Enlow. They were saying that the people who flew into Davos for the WEF event flew in on private jets. The people flying to Davos DEMANDED that all their pilots were UNVACCINATED. Here is the interview:

    Johnny Enlow Unfiltered – Episode 41 (36:50 – 37:30)

  2. Jacinda Ardern is a Man

    Jacinda Ardern the Crackhead

    Exposing the Real Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda Ardern – The Mask is Slipping

    Jacinda Ardern has murdered more children in NZ

    Why did New Zealand Tyrant Jacinda Ardern Really Resign?

    Jacinda Ardern and Barbara Judith Hutchinson Rothschild (wife of Victor Rothschild and mother to Jacob Rothschild)

  3. Body Language: Jacinda Ardern

  4. Ardern’s resignation ‘marks a failure in woke politics’

  5. Jacinda Ardern has a ‘phoniness’ and ‘fakeness’ about her

  6. Yes good riddance to her, New Zealand has been left in a terrible state after her inept, divisive leadership. Now we’re left to pick up the pieces.
    Here’s a video from our protests last year, she bragged about how empathetic she was when actually she wouldn’t come out to talk to the people. Remove the letters em from tghe word empathetic and you’ve got what she really is.

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