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This is a comment that I posted on the blog It’s the Women, Not the Men!:

“Speaking of famous women, I am not impressed with Sarah Palin. I know that many conservatives like her a lot, but she really needs to quit promoting herself and go back home and take care of her family/children.

“Her oldest daughter had a child out of wedlock and her oldest son was married and soon divorced. If the mother is out promoting her career, the kids are left raising themselves. If Sarah Palin wants to run for public office, then don’t have children.

“Sarah Palin is a great speaker and is absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous, but she comes across as being selfish. Back in 2008, I was planning on voting for McCain/Palin, but the Lord told me not to vote for anybody.

“Motherhood is beautiful and it is very sacrificial. But too many women sacrifice their children’s formative years so that they can chase their own careers and become media darlings for the madding crowd.”

The Miracle of Motherhood–Sophia Loren
Why My Wife’s Job is Harder than Mine

7 responses to “Sarah Palin

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  1. I agree with you 100% brother! Good for you speaking up. Our children have been thrown under the bus and now we are paying for that and so much more. Father bless you:)

  2. Thank you, Sharon. It just seems like the Palin family is such a mess. Sarah Palin is out promoting herself and her book and who is back home raising the children? The TV set? Anybody can get themselves pregnant, but there are very few parents that really raise their children in a Godly home.

  3. Hi Tim,

    When my son was about to be born, I resigned from work. From then I never returned as I realized I didn’t want to leave him with a nanny. Now my son is 13 and my daughter 9 and I am still with them as I have no instruction from the Lord to divide my time between them and career. They became my career and the Lord gave me much to do for Him as I rid myself of self-centered pursuit for personal advancement in the corporate world.



  4. Thank you for your comment, Cynthia. True motherhood is sacrificial love towards ones children. You will never regret the time you spent nurturing and teaching your children.

  5. Hi Tim, sure have missed you.
    I was never a Sarah Palin fan at all.
    I guess I am ‘behind the times’ but I believe that women should build up their homes, raise up good children that love God. They are really no good in office.
    Rare are women in office level headed.
    Women are made differently than men.

    One woman was a great in the bible, Deborah. Palin is no Deborah.

    Anyway, I am grieved horribly lately. We are bringing so much misery all over the world with our satanic government.
    Ditto American people (Even though most deserve it)

    I am just grieved and been crying over this.

  6. TMJ: Amen to what you said in your comment. There is a lot of sin in the United States and we are paying the price: you sow to the wind and you reap the whirlwind.

    Did you read about the drought in California? It is the worst drought in 100 years. Our wicked White House exports sin all over the world and Hollywood exports sin (homosexuality, adultery, fornication) all over the world. The Lord will have the final say—through judgment.

  7. Sadly, Tim, most Americans refuse to see this. I have been weeping about this but I fear they wont ever wake up.

    BTW: QV hates America. He used to be a big supporter years ago when I first met him, but our aggression all over, plus rampant homosexuality, abortions, etc has turned him so he BAMS on every comment Americans make. (He is a good friend of my husbands.)
    Plus the fact that Malaysia is trying to change their govt and elect in Buddhists & Christians and of course, Obama is involved in that trying to keep the Muslims in power.

    PLEASE let it go with him.

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