Happy Independence Day from Idaho, 2022   2 comments


Some friends of mine and myself went hiking on the Taylor Canyon Loop in the hills just north of Ketchum, Idaho today.

Here are some photos by Matt Runte:

On the Taylor Canyon Loop
Tim pointing at something
Bald Mountain (elevation 9150 feet) behind the hiker in the distance
Tim leading the way out of the wilderness

Be Ungovernable

The Bullet Proof President

A Revolutionary People at War

A History Lesson: Colonel Isaac Barre

The American Flag: A Christian Symbol

2 responses to “Happy Independence Day from Idaho, 2022

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  1. Idaho is really pretty!

    • It was very spontaneous: I hadn’t planned on hiking with Matt and his girlfriend. I was going to hike in the hills just east of where I live. So we drove north of town and hiked with Bess’ daughter and boyfriend. It was a beautiful day. I had never hiked in those hills before.

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