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Moses sees the Promised Land from afar

This is from the blog Thoughts of a Reformed Liberal:

In a sermon a few months ago (I took notes) my pastor spoke on the power of God and the power of giving. He made three points: God is God and is present and faithful, the measure one gives will be the measure you get back, and the more we give – the more people can be brought to Christ. Many conservatives in our nation feel like they are standing in a crowded room shouting at the top of their lungs, and no one is listening. We can see the detrimental actions of our society and our government tearing down our moral culture and our religion.

In Deuteronomy, Chapter 7, God reminds us how small the Hebrew race was when they were brought into the Promised Land. God drove out seven nations that were more powerful than the Hebrews. God also reminds us that when we keep His commandments and love Him, then He will bless His people beyond measure. This scripture gives us hope as Christian conservatives. If we persevere as the Hebrews and continue to love God and follow His law, we will be blessed.

In Psalm 37 David writes about how those who follow the Lord must not be envious of evil men because they will wither and die away. He then says that if we trust and delight in the Lord, we will enjoy safe pasture and give you the desires of your heart. He also says that if we commit ourselves to the way of the Lord that our righteousness will shine like the dawn. We conservatives must trust in God and continue to follow in His way. When we do this, we shine through the darkness that is covering our land.

In the Gospel of Mark we have an example of extreme generosity. Jesus was preaching when it became late and the people were hungry. The only food the apostles had were five loaves and two fish. Jesus told them to feed the people. All of the people ate their fill and there were plenty of leftovers. The generosity of the apostles, in giving the little that they had, blessed numerous people. We can be generous with more than material things. Charity is important. However, many of us have knowledge and faith that can be shared with others.

Even though we feel like a minority and that the world is against us, we have the God of the universe on our side. The same God who drove out mighty nations before the Hebrews is our God. The same God who promised us through David that he will provide for all of our needs is our God. The same God who worked through the apostles’ generosity to feed thousands of followers is our God. The media would make us believe that we are insignificant and irrelevant. That is what the Hebrews thought of themselves before they became a mighty nation. The early Christians thought this as well. We may be small, but we are mighty. There is still hope. Amen.

Thoughts of a Reformed Liberal

4 responses to “Small But Mighty

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  1. Amen and amen!

  2. I thought it was timely—God’s perfect timing.

  3. You know, Tim.. I saw the ghastly pictures of Gosnell.. For real, we just deserve the worst.
    I am resolved (I wont like it) but we Americans are deserving of serious, horrible judgment

  4. Amen. We are in a time of judgment now, but it has to get worse. We have had drought, snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes. I am sure that we will have some destructive earthquakes. The Lord has shown the United States a lot of mercy—He is definitely long-suffering towards this wicked nation.

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