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It’s the soldier not the reporter
who gives you the freedom of the press.

It’s the soldier not the poet
who gives you the freedom of speech.

It’s the soldier not the campus organizer
who allows you to demonstrate.

It’s the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, whose coffin is draped with the flag
that allows the protester to burn the flag!!!

“Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need.”


The Soldier
By Gerard Manley Hopkins

YES. Why do we áll, seeing of a soldier, bless him? bless
Our redcoats, our tars? Both these being, the greater part,
But frail clay, nay but foul clay. Here it is: the heart,
Since, proud, it calls the calling manly, gives a guess
That, hopes that, makesbelieve, the men must be no less;
It fancies, feigns, deems, dears the artist after his art;
And fain will find as sterling all as all is smart,
And scarlet wear the spirit of wár thére express.

Mark Christ our King. He knows war, served this soldiering through;
He of all can handle a rope best. There he bides in bliss
Now, and séeing somewhére some mán do all that man can do,
For love he leans forth, needs his neck must fall on, kiss,
And cry ‘O Christ-done deed! So God-made-flesh does too:
Were I come o’er again’ cries Christ ‘it should be this’.


Hand on the Helm
By Katherine Pollard Carter
Copyright 1977. Chapter 5.

“Ninety-First Psalm Became Their Impenetrable Shield”

“For four long years, in the front line warfare of World War I, the British regiment commanded by Colonel Whittlesey had not one single battle casualty. They did not lose a single man! They could only give one explanation for this incredible record.

“During those interminable years of danger and valor, every officer and every enlisted man in the regiment daily affirmed his faith in God’s protection by repeating the Ninety-First Psalm.”

“Each officer and soldier in the regiment carried a complete copy of the psalm and either read it or recited it from memory daily.”


With the Old Breed
By E.B. Sledge

Page 91: “The conversation with Hillbilly reassured me. When the sergeant came over and joined in after getting coffee, I felt almost lighthearted. As conversation trailed off, we sipped our joe in silence.

“Suddenly, I heard a loud voice say clearly and distinctly, ‘You will survive the war!’

“I looked at Hillbilly and then at the sergeant. Each returned my glance with a quizzical expression on his face in the gathering darkness. Obviously they hadn’t said anything.

“‘Did y’all hear that?’ I asked.

“‘Hear what?’ they both inquired.

“‘Someone said something,’ I said.

“‘I didn’t hear anything. How about you?’ said Hillbilly, turning to the sergeant.

“‘No, just that machine gun off to the left.’

“Shortly, the word was passed to get settled for the night. Hillbilly and the sergeant crawled back to their hole as Snafu returned to the gun pit. Like most persons, I had always been skeptical about people seeing visions and hearing voices. So I believed God spoke to me that night on the Peleliu battlefield, and I resolved to make my life amount to something after the war.”


Freedom to Bear Arms
Sledgehammer, Old Breed Marine Tribute
Alvin C. York
Never the Same–Michelle Krubeck
Jesus Could Save Them From the Radiation
The Bullet Proof President

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  1. I strongly recommend memorizing Psalm 91 in addition to apprehending what all it is promising those who dwell in the Shelter (Jesus) of the Most High and love Him.

    For example, verses 5-6 promise that if we truly dwell in Christ – and if we KNOW and APPREHEND this word of the Lord – then we will not fear. Period. Now I’m a doctor; know that this means no more diseases resulting from chronic fear, such as gastric ulcers, cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety disorders, and paranoia, just for starters. Now that’s just verse 5! Verse 6 promises that if we truly dwell in Christ we will no longer contract ANY infectious disease: “You will not fear… the pestilence that stalks in the darkness [subtle infectious diseases], nor the plague that destroys at midday [obvious pandemics].”

    As a physician AND a true believer in Jesus Christ, it is my personal testimony that this is true. Furthermore, we have historical testimonies about believers from the time of the bubonic plague in England who, knowing this word of God, were able to minister to victims of the plague without contracting it themselves (and from a pathologic standpoint, it is highly contagious). God’s word is TRUTH, and even our marvelous 21st century medical science does NOT trump it; we’re deceived with a worldly mindset (spelled p-r-i-d-e) when we do not realize that God designed the supernatural realm to supercede the natural realm. Recall that He spoke the entire universe and the natural realm into being, and sustains it with His very word…

    For more on God’s word on sickness and disease in the Psalms, see Part III of this Bible study on the cause and eradication of disease: http://thelordiswithus.com/looking-into-gods-word-on-the-cause-and-eradication-of-disease-2/part-3-key-psalms-addressing-health-the-spiritual-roots-of-disease-and-healing/

    • Deanna: I read someplace, that during the Black Death, there was a place in Europe (I don’t know if it was a town or a county) where the plague didn’t touch one person because there were so many Christians there. It may have been in Moravia.

      • Thanks for sharing; love how God connects His people via the Internet… I would fully expect that from the Moravians (I am not a historian, but I suspect that the time of the “Black Death” indeed overlapped with the great ministering of Christ via the Moravians).
        I must admit, I was amazed at how deceived our worldly minds are when the Lord showed me via Psalm 91:5-6 that believers who truly know and believe His word therein are supernaturally protected (“immune”) from all infectious disease (for they dwell in the protection of the righteousness of Christ), and therefore do not need vaccinations. Knowing the Lord’s sovereignty and word on the cause of disease, this makes perfect sense, but as a physician highly trained in medical science (particularly pathology), it was a shocker. I praise God that He humbles the proud and gives grace and wisdom to those who are like little children before Him. Hallelujah!

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