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hailey idaho

About ten days ago I was talking with Bo (he and his wife, Melissa, have been letting me stay at their place for over a month now) and he told me that he had been working on a house in Hailey, Idaho that day.  He has done a lot of construction work in the Hailey/Ketchum area in the past few years.  Bo told me that he talked with the painter who was also doing some work on the house.  He told the painter that he and his wife and kids picked up this hitchhiker (me) a week before Thanksgiving south of Bellevue.  They drove him to Shoshone and dropped him off.  The hitchhiker camped out that night and they met him again at the gas station the next morning.  Bo gave the hitchhiker his address.  The hitchhiker hit the road and hitchhiked to Montana and back into Idaho and has stayed with Bo’s family since just before Thanksgiving.  Bo also mentioned that the hitchhiker had a couple of books published.

The painter told Bo that he had picked me up a few years ago in Nevada—maybe in the Elko, Nevada area.  He said that the hitchhiker had a couple of books published and also had a couple of blogs that he worked on.  He then told Bo that a friend of his picked me up a year earlier than he did somewhere in Nevada.  It is such a small world.

Why did this happen?  To me it is confirmation that I am supposed to stay with Bo and Melissa for a while.  We have had some really good fellowship.


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  1. Glad to hear you are well:) God bless

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