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A few days before the 17th of May, the Lord showed me the number 17.  It bore witness with my spirit that it meant the 17th of May.

This is what happened on the 17th of May:

I was walking east out of Missoula, Montana on I-90 when this truck driver picked me up.  His name was Rusla and he was originally from Belarus (near Russia and the Ukraine).  He was a Christian who lived in Mount Vernon, Washington.  During that trip, the Presence of God became very powerful.  Rusla dropped me off in Belgrade where I camped out that night.

The next day (May 18th) I hitchhiked to Jackson, Wyoming where I camped out for one night.  The next day (May 19th) I hitchhiked to West Yellowstone, Montana and camped out in the woods just north of town.  That night I was attacked probably by several demons in my sleep.  Before I went to sleep, there was this sense of foreboding or sense of dread.  Later this evil presence came upon me and I became paralyzed and then the demons attacked me.  It may have lasted fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Why did the demons attack me that night?  Probably because the Presence of God was so strong on the 17th of May.  I believe some demonic bondage was broken inside me on the 17th and that is why Satan was so furious.

I hitchhiked out of West Yellowstone the next morning (May 20th).  A Christian friend picked me up outside of Belgrade and let me stay at his place in Three Forks for one night.  I was using his laptop that evening and noticed that the number of page views on my High Plains Drifter blog (Google) was down drastically.  The previous several months, I averaged between 250 and 400 page views per day on my High Plains Drifter blog.  After May 20th, my average page views has been around 40 to 70 per day.

Something serious happened in the heavenly realm in the past several days for Satan to attack me like that.  Praise the Lord!  That’s good news.  If Satan attacks you, that means you are destroying some aspect of his kingdom.

The next day (May 21st) I hitchhiked from Three Forks to Helena, Montana.  Outside of Helena, this truck driver picked me up.  He was originally from Russia; his name was Alex and he was from Mount Vernon, Washington.  He later told me that he knew Rusla, the other truck driver, very well.  We had a good laugh.  It’s a small world.  To me, this was confirmation that something definitely happened on the 17th of May:  two truck drivers picked me up from Mount Vernon, Washington; they knew each other; they were both Christians (went to different churches); they both spoke Russian and English; Rusla picked me up just outside of Missoula, Alex dropped me off in Missoula.  In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established.

Alex dropped me off on the east side of Missoula.  I hitchhiked to Lolo and camped out there that night. Before I went to sleep, I went through a fascinating deliverance from a demon.  It was like the demon was in a death throe when it manifested (it felt like I was dying); finally the demon came out.  It lasted for about an hour.  Praise the Lord!  I am still being delivered from demons; curses are being broken.

When I think back on the power of the Presence of God in Rusla’s tractor cab on the 17th of May, I think of these scriptures:

Isaiah 10: 27:  “And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

I Corinthians 4: 20:  “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.”

Matthew 17: 21:  “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

Revelation 2: 24:  “But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.”


Recent Page Views Per Day (High Plains Drifter blog):

4 May:  453

7 May:  471

10 May:  931

12 May:  300

16 May:  363

17 May:  258

19 May:  37

21 May:  197

24 May:  47

25 May:  75

27 May:  36

28 May:  58


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  1. Next time you are in that area contact me, if I can get away I will look forward to meeting you.

    • Brian: I do hitchhike through Missoula quite a bit, but I don’t know when I will pass through there next. My life is very unplanned: the Lord tells me where to go and then I go. It would be difficult to set up a place to meet. Right now I am in Riggins, Idaho; I will probably head south tomorrow.

  2. 🙂

  3. Interesting thing about the page views. I like the way you describe it as something that is a sign of a happening in the heavenlies. Could the attracting of views have to do with the value of words we are able to utter? Since when our hearts are pure, we see God – meanwhile that sight makes us shine like Moses?

    How do you experience the purification process, how to walk in it and in what way is it possible to draw others to the same purpose?

    • Yuliy: The thing about the page views is that, immediately after experiencing the Presence of God (you can also call it rapture* or your body being glorified), some bondage or curse was broken off of me. Satan hated this because I became freer in Christ, so he attacked me while I was sleeping in the woods north of West Yellowstone, and also, Satan must have influenced someone at Google to suppress my page views (Romans 1:18: “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.” English Standard Version).

      About purification. Take up your cross and follow me: this means obedience: obedience to the Lord and not obedience to your self. In my experience, there is tactical deliverance and strategic deliverance. Tactical deliverance is going to a deliverance minister and then they pray over you and cast demons out of you. Strategic deliverance is predicated on obedience to the Lord over many years. In my life, hitchhiking is obedience unto the Lord. Hitchhiking is prayer and fasting, and over time (through patient endurance and obedience), curses are broken and you are delivered from demons.

      I believe the recent demon that came out of me was probably a generational curse that has been in my family line for many generations. The longer it takes for a curse to be broken, the more powerful the stronghold. I believe the most powerful stronghold/demon is still inside me, but it will come out eventually through my obedience to the Lord.

      *Rapture is not a physical, bodily catching away into the air to be with Jesus, like some people believe (escapist theology). When I am in a state of rapture, the Presence of God is very intense–I am caught up into the Throne Room of Grace–sometimes it feels like my eyes are going to burn right out of their sockets. In a state of rapture, Heaven is brought to earth and some aspect of Satan’s kingdom is destroyed.


    “Consider and hear me,
    O Lord my God: lighten mine eyes,
    lest I sleep the sleep of death”
    PSALM 13:3

    In the day of trial, as the Bridegroom tarries and the lamps of the virgins burn late into the night, the vigilant pray and fight the sleep of death. It is a slumber that creeps over the hearts of His Own in the waning hours of the night. The true test of faith is to remain watchful, diligent and caring for others until He returns. It is in occupying ourselves in the service of Him that we remain faithful to the testings of the night. Having our lamps trimmed, our hearts awake and our eyes looking for Him we continue to “contend for the faith” that was given unto us.

    “Blessed is the man that heareth me,
    watching daily at my gates,
    waiting at the posts of my doors”
    PROVERBS 8:34

    The danger of the sleep of death is one of subtlety and deceit. Those who are held in its grip are unaware that it has taken hold. It is in the occupation of ministering unto Him, as we give bread to our brothers and sisters that we stay in the battle of this hour.

    “Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep;
    and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.”
    PROVERBS 19:15


    “It is perilous to separate thinking rightly, from acting rightly.
    He is already half false who speculates on truth and does not do it.
    The penalty paid by him who speculates on truth without doing it,
    is, that by degrees the very truth he holds becomes a falsehood”
    FW Robertson

    Brian Troxel

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  7. This was a very interesting read. Yes! Demons come to attack, and Satan will come up against you if you are a threat to his kingdom. I have had more than a handful say, “You must be doing something wrong to have Satan strangling you….blah blah blah” and I know that they are not spiritual discerning. If a person claims to be a follower and they have an ‘easy breezy’ life and Satan isn’t coming at them with fury…ummm they may want to ask God why not. Many of the true people of God are getting sifted, and many have been sifted for a lifetime. You know what I say and what I know?

    The BIGGER the purpose for God….The BIGGER the demon that will come to attack. The BIGGER THE VICTORY & The BIGGER THE GLORY FOR THE GOD OF ISRAEL the more the devil will become frenzied and in fury. Whadevah. I love your site. Lots of amazing writings. Awesome!

    • Amen. The bigger the threat you are to Satan, the more he will attack you. And if Satan can’t attack you, he will attack your loved ones. E.g., Satan wasn’t able to attack Adam, so he attacked Eve, who was the weaker vessel. Eve was deceived and Adam wasn’t, but Adam chose to follow Eve’s example and this led to sin and spiritual death. This was the beginning of the Ahab and Jezebel spirit: Ahab was passive and Jezebel was domineering.

      Another example: over two years ago the Lord told me to post Obedience: The Bondage Breaker at a prominent place on my two blogs. I did that and that night I was attacked by a demon in my sleep. The next day my friends were also attacked.

      It is always good to obey the Lord no matter how much the devil attacks you. We are in a spiritual battle, so we might as well get used to it.

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  14. Arent we all being delivered from nasty devils!
    I remember you telling me this – that you felt SO free.
    May the Lord set us ALL free

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