A Dream about General George S. Patton   14 comments


General George S. Patton

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
12 October 2005

This afternoon the Lord gave me a dream while I was taking a nap at Jeremy and Felice’s place. I was sleeping on the floor in Jeremy’s office. In the dream, I was with somebody who was building houses on a big job site. Then somebody arrived on the scene: he was pushing a small cart. In the cart were two dead bodies—they had been slain in battle. I walked up to the cart and looked down to see the dead bodies. One of the bodies had been decapitated. All of a sudden, this intense white light emanated from the head that had been decapitated—the head became reattached to the trunk of the body. Light was coming out of his face—it was General George S. Patton. I began to weep tears of absolute joy. The light was very intense. It seemed like General Patton (as he was being raised from the dead) was imparting something to me—something was being engrafted into my spirit. Then the dream ended.

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II Timothy 2:4:  “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”


14 responses to “A Dream about General George S. Patton

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  3. I have had four dreams about Donald Trump:

    Dreams from the LORD 2011-2016
    25 May 2016

    Last night I had a dream where I was driving this tractor-trailer.
    Sitting in the cab of the truck with me was Donald Trump. We were
    hauling heavy equipment. We couldn’t find a place to park the
    tractor-trailer, so I drove to this lot next to this job site and parked
    it there. I told Donald Trump that I had parked trucks there before.
    The owner of the lot walked up to our truck and I asked him if I could
    park our tractor-trailer there for a short while. He said it would be
    all right to park it there for a few days.

    Dreams from the LORD 2011-2016
    20 September 2016

    Last night I had a dream where I saw Donald Trump dressed in a
    business suit sitting comfortably on top of this bed. He was surrounded
    by many people—they looked like reporters. Trump was casually talking to
    the reporters.

    I believe this dream means that Trump will easily win the election in November.

    Dreams from the LORD 2011-2017
    27 February 2017

    Last night I had two dreams with Donald Trump.

    In the first dream, I was traveling with President Trump. He was
    meeting with people, talking to people: the general needs to visit his

    The next scene: we were sitting in this restaurant having some
    breakfast, when someone placed a book on the countertop. It was my
    second book: The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other
    hitchhiking stories.

    I said, “What is this book doing here?”

    Right away, President Trump took my book, opened it up and began
    writing some comments in the margins. He told me that he had read the
    book and liked it a lot. We spoke for a long time, but I forget most of
    the details.

    I then woke up and was surprised that it was all a dream. It seemed so real: I was talking with President Trump.

    I went back to sleep. Then I had another dream with Donald Trump.
    We spoke with each other for quite some time. It was similar to the
    previous dream.

    Genesis 41:32: “And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh
    twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will
    shortly bring it to pass.”

    When a dream is repeated twice during the same night, it definitely
    means something. In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word
    be established.

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  12. Something very interesting happened about an hour or two ago. I was doing some research on the death of General George Patton back in 1945. Some people think that he was assassinated. As I was doing the research, a friend of mine from New Zealand, Alex, sent me an email. Alex told me that the night before he got a word “assassination”. He tried to put this information on a comment on the blog Richard’s Watch but was not able to. So Alex contacted me so that I could contact Richard.

    What are the odds of me doing research on a possible assassination of General George Patton and then someone sends me an email about “assassination”? It is definitely a God thing.

    Here is the email from Alex:

    I wanted to let Richard know I got the word ASSASSANATION LAST NIGHT AT 3 am. It shook me.
    I seem to be blocked by WordPress.
    Spelling does not look right but apparently it is.
    Hope all well with you.!

    Here is my reply:

    Alex: Did you want me to tell Richard about what you told me?

    Do you want to hear something crazy. Actually, it is not crazy—it is a God thing—it is a God-incidence. I just received your email while I was doing some research on the death of General George Patton back in 1945. Many people think that Patton was murdered or assassinated. What are the odds of me researching the possible assassination of General Patton (my favorite general) and then I get an email from you with the word “assassination” in it? Praise God!

    Was Patton Killed?

    Prophecy Progress Update 20: ‘Two Presidents’ and America in ‘back of beyond’

  13. The planned attempts on Donald Trump will fail.

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