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Dreams from the LORD 2011-2022

26 July 2022

Last night I had a dream–I think it was the longest dream that I have ever had.  I was in this city and I met the actor who played Alejandro in the film Sicario.  The actor was Benicio del Toro.  During the dream, I called him Alejandro (he was a thinner version of Benicio del Toro).

We walked the streets of the city.  We talked about the film Sicario.  He bought me something to drink–I think it was a cup of coffee.  Then we got on this bus.  It seemed like a fairly big city–it took a while for the bus to get to this residential neighborhood.  We walked up to his apartment where I met his wife.  His wife was dressed in white:  she had white hair, white skin, she was wearing expensive white clothing; she almost looked non-human, otherworldly; she looked like an angel (Revelation 6:8).  They said they had an extra room for me to stay the night.  Then the dream ended.

In the film Sicario (2015, directed by Dennis Villenueve), Alejandro was a hitman hired by the CIA to take out this drug cartel boss and his family.  At the end of the film, we learn that Alejandro’s wife and daughter were killed by that same cartel in Mexico.  Alejandro was a hitman or an assassin.  Or else you say that Alejandro was an Angel of Death. Just before he kills the cartel boss and his family, Alejandro says, “Time to meet God.”

Revelation 6:8: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

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7 responses to “The Angel of Death in the film Sicario (2015)

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  1. 26 July 2022

    Last night I had a dream where I was on this U.S. Navy ship. I saw Hillary Clinton sitting in the captain’s cabin. She had a demonic smile on her face. I knew that she was not supposed to be there. I talked to the executive officer and he said that he would take care of the problem.

  2. A God thing happened late this afternoon. I was watching the film Sicario on Bit Chute when I noticed that I got a notification on YouTube. It was a reply to a comment I put on this video where two Green Berets discuss the film Sicario (“GREEN BERET Reacts to Sicario”). What are the odds of that?!

    • Thats cool!

      • Pauli: Something incredible happened just after I read your comment. I went back to the film Sicario. I wanted to hear where Alejandro says, “Time to meet God”–just before he kills the cartel boss and his family. I took a guess and started the film at around the 1:46:50 mark RIGHT BEFORE ALEJANDRO SAYS, “TIME TO MEET GOD”! It was just a guess! That is an absolute God thing!

        What does this mean? I believe the dream means that the Lord is going to kill some very evil men in the near future. I have heard from several prophetic voices that the Lord has released an Angel of Death in the earth to deal with some very evil men. When the justice of men fails, then the Justice of the Most High God is coming quickly. GOD’S JUDGMENT.

      • Good riddance to them!
        I agree in Jesus name.
        EVIL people!

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