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Was the Alabama Victory over Notre Dame Prophetic?   13 comments


Last night I watched the University of Alabama football team run over the University of Notre Dame, 42-14, for the national title.  I probably watched ten minutes of the game.  I am not a follower of Alabama football, but I was rooting for Alabama to win the game.  It was one of the most complete and overwhelming victories in a college football championship game that I have ever seen.

If this victory is prophetic, what does it mean?  The United States has a federal government that is huge, over-reaching and oppressive.  There is a lot of sin in this country.  If people don’t want God in their lives, then the Lord will give them big, oppressive government.  If you don’t want God, you can have the devil.

Several years ago, I was reading a Christian website and someone gave a prophecy that said, “the South will rise again.”  Does this mean that the Confederacy of the Old South will be revived?  No.  I believe this prophecy means that states rights will become a dominant force in our nation’s political and social life.  I believe that certain governors and state legislatures will assert their power and prevent the federal government’s abuses on their people–like ObamaCare.  Barack Obama is another King George III.

The University of Notre Dame represents centralized government.  Ultimately, the Vatican City in Rome has some say in the existence of Notre Dame.  The name “Notre Dame” is French:  Notre Dame was named after a Catholic cathedral in France.  France represents foreign influence or foreign entanglements.

The University of Alabama represents states rights.  The Governor of Alabama and the State Board of Regents oversee the operations of the University of Alabama–not our federal government and not Rome.

I am not baiting Catholics here.  I was raised in a very Irish Catholic family and went to Catholic schools in my youth.  If this game had taken place in 1972, I would probably have rooted for Notre Dame.  I am not a Catholic, I am a Christian.  I don’t care for Roman Catholic structure, but I have met some very devoted Christians in the Catholic Church.

I am not a Southerner.  I was born and raised in Iowa (my favorite football team is Iowa State University).  When I saw the way Alabama ran all over Notre Dame, it really bore witness with my spirit.  It was as if Notre Dame wasn’t even there–and shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I know that the Lord uses everyday circumstances to show us things and teach us things.  He who has ears to hear (spiritual hearing) will be able to hear what the Lord is saying.  I believe that the Lord used the Alabama victory to encourage American Christians that there will be victory over our abusive White House and federal government in the near future.  Praise the Lord!

For the past few weeks the Lord has been showing me “January 7th”.  It looks like the Lord wanted me to watch the Alabama-Notre Dame game.  God is in the details.

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Red Grange

This past week, I had a dream where I was throwing a football with Mark Wahlberg, the Hollywood actor.  Twice, Wahlberg threw the football over my head, so I had to run after it and pick the football up off the ground.  Twice, I threw the football back to Wahlberg very accurately–with a nice, tight spiral.  He caught it easily.

If this dream is from the Lord, I believe it means that in the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established (twice, I was on target when I threw the football).  This dream could be confirmation about what the Lord has shown me recently.