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Something VERY strange just happened in the past half hour.  It is so strange, it had to have been the hand of God—because I don’t believe in accidents.

About an hour or so ago, I did an Internet search for William Mulholland.  I began reading the article about Mulholland on Wikipedia.  He was the head of a predecessor department to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Mulholland was the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Aqueduct that brought water from the Owens River Valley to Los Angeles.  The aqueduct was completed in 1913.  I have hitchhiked through the Owens River Valley in California on U.S. 395 many times over the years; it is one of my favorite routes in the nation.

I left my friends’ office for maybe half an hour.  I walked back into the office, sat down and continued to read the article on Mulholland.  The phone rang.  It was a lady with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  She wanted to talk with my friends about something, but they are gone for a couple more days.

What are the odds of me reading about the L.A. Department of Water and Power and then the phone rings and I speak with someone from the L.A. Department of Water and Power?  Very interesting.  Perfect timing.  God is in the details.  I don’t know what it all means at this time.

I remember hitchhiking in Montana a few years ago and this guy picked me up.  He had a Ph.D and taught at Idaho State University in Pocatello.  He was originally from California.  He told me about the building of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the California Water Wars.  So I have always been curious about some of the history of Los Angeles and the Owens River Valley from that time period.

William Mulholland
Solomon Islands Earthquake

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  1. I remember reading about William Mulholland many years ago, the “water wars” was an example of the disregard for peoples rights that could be argued led to the same progressive attitude that holds sway in California today.

  2. If this is important, I am sure that the Lord will reveal it to me in His time.

    Another interesting thing is that the combination of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct helped build Los Angeles into a major city. Before the 1906 earthquake, San Francisco was around 400,000 people and probably the major port on the west coast of the United States. At the same time, Los Angeles had a population of 100,000. L.A. needed water to grow. Now L.A. is a mega city.

  3. On the 24th of January, I was at my friends’ office when the phone rang; they own a motel. The lady on the phone was from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. She wanted to make reservations for four employees at the motel. The reservations were for the 5th and 6th of February. When the phone rang, I was already reading something about the LA Water and Power on the Internet. I knew it had to have been the hand of God. It was absolutely synchronized by God.

    So what happened? Yesterday afternoon, the Presence of God was very strong. The Holy Ghost was really burning me up–I call this glorification or rapture. The Presence of God was so strong that I really didn’t get to sleep till around 1 o’clock in the morning.

    This morning I was watching the 700 Club and CBN News reported that there was an 8.0 earthquake in the Solomon Islands earlier that morning. This bore witness with my spirit. It all reminded me of what happened on 10 March 2011. I was staying at a friend’s place in Dubois, Wyoming. I had to go to bed early because the Presence of God was so strong. The next morning, I saw on the news that a big earthquake had hit Japan. But the Lord never warned me in advance about the Japan Earthquake. The Lord warned me back on 24 January of this year that something would happen either yesterday or today (the 5th or 6th of February).

    “Japan Earthquake”


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  5. The question I have is why did the Lord warn me about February 5th and 6th? What is the significance of the Solomon Islands Earthquake? I know that the earthquake hit Japan (God’s judgment) on 11 March 2011 because Japan signed some sort of agreement with the Palestinian State—which means they were working against Israel.

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