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President Vladimir Putin of Russia

Dreams from the LORD 2011-2014
18 May 2014

Last night I had a dream where I was talking with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.  We spoke for quite some time.  In a nutshell, Putin said that Obama was put in power to destroy the United States.


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“Russia was a slave in Europe, but would be a master in Asia.”

–Fyodor Dostoyevsky

[As quoted in “Dilemmas of Empire 1850-1918: Power, Territory, Identity” by Dominic Livien in Journal of Contemporary History, Vol. 34, No.2 (April 1999), pp. 180.]


22 responses to “Vladimir Putin on Barack Obama

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  1. Is this all that was revealed in your dream?

  2. Tony: In the dream, I spoke with Putin for quite a while, but this is all I remember.

  3. HI TIM!!
    Long, long time. Miss you a lot.

    I also had a dream of Putin but I cannot remember it.
    I DO believe that your dream is correct.

    Putin must really feel perplexed.. It is an ideology from HIS country that Obama is pushing on all of us.

    The MAD Jewess
  4. TMJ: Sometimes I feel sorry for Putin every time he has to talk to Obama. You can tell that Putin doesn’t take Obama seriously. I am sure that many world leaders make fun of Obama on a regular basis. Obama is such a horrible embarrassment to the United States.

  5. I feel for Putin, he is a man talking with a mouse.

    The MAD Jewess
  6. ‘Obama is such a horrible embarrassment to the United States.’


    Obama IS a mirror of most people in the USSA–sad, but truth

    The MAD Jewess
  7. I have said this before: Obama reminds me of King Ahab of ancient Israel. The Lord put a wicked king in power as a mirror of a wicked nation that turned its back on God. But the prophets Elijah and Elisha did some very powerful things for the Lord that glorified God.

  8. Pray prophetically, with the power of the walking prophets just mentioned, Elijah and Elisha, but in the name of Jesus, as we confront his enemy, Satan, with the Living Word from us!

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  12. Very creepy, but unfortunately, fathomable!

  13. The post of two years ago is very much more evident today. Obama and other opponents of Trump serve those who are trying to direct us into their new world order and are destroying America in the process. Trump loves his country and is trying to make it great again; what American would hate him for that?

  14. I agree, but more than that; he is a necessity. MSM and people of influence are almost unanimously against him. Just for a start, other than Perot, he is the only one addressing the shipment of our industrial base across the Pacific.

  15. I agree with that dream. Obama was put into power by globalists intent on establishing their New World Order. The same thing has happened to NZ – we had a banker from Merril Lynch put in charge. He’s just resigned as our Prime Minister. He’s jumped ship just after the earthquakes, on the same day that Italy’s prime minister has resigned. We are left uneasily wondering why.

  16. It is also greatly possible that BHO is a tool of Globalists. Born as a subject of the Queen and citizen of Great Britain in British East Africa (there was no sovereign Kenya at that time); then citizen of Indonesia and a Muslim; a Nobel Prize for a Pulse… There is so much more to this. Maybe a contemporary Gibbons of today will write “Decline and Fall of the British Empire.” Saudi Arabia plays a large part, but is not the center of power.

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  18. Thanks for the ping-back on this interesting post and chat Tim. Am taking a fresh look at the ‘secular’ book The Invisible Hand that opened me up to Bible prophecy as non-Christian – if you haven’t read about and noticed its cover with UK, US & Russian flags you may like to check > https://richards-watch.org/about/welcome-to-blog-and-about-me/

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